Those three kayakers from Montreal, intent on paddling a coastal route all the way from Quebec to Yucatán, are still on track.

They enjoyed a visit to New York City, and declared Atlantic City to have gotten “a bad rap” before heading further south.

They have been taking a breather, however, in a cottage in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, after over four months “on the road,” they tell us.

The kayak route hugs the coast from Montreal, Quebec all the way to Yucatán.
The kayak route hugs the coast from Montreal, Quebec all the way to Yucatán. Click to see a larger view.

During the break, they took that time to work on their October educational module on Challenge U., which anyone can follow. The educational platform allows the kayakers to answer student questions and offer up some monthly challenges to their followers.

The name of this “Go Fetch Challenge” has two different meanings: In French, “fetch” is a nautical term that refers to the measure of a certain space where the wind can unfold itself without meeting any obstacles. The English meaning, evoking a dog chasing a stick or ball, is also relevant. The kayakers compare that to seeking out their own stick, through adventure.

“We are now back on the water, on our way to Charleston, S.C., where our main sponsor, Epic Kayaks, is based,” said one of the Défi Go Fetch Challenge paddlers. “Right now, we must plan on our next move since Hurricane Joaquin might pass close to us.”

Nuka de Jocas-McCrae, Julien Granger and Luc Labelle, all 26 and friends since high school, started the 5,500-plus mile kayak trip, in mid-May. They are only slightly behind schedule.

Although their map has them arriving in Yucatán in August, it’s “more likely to be in late September. It’s hard to estimate,” they told us today.

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