Organized to help children in the community, the Progreso Apoyo Program board of directors, Dale Hunter-Aubichon, Rebecca Gleason, Speranza Avram and Mary Elizabeth Walberg appear with with attorney Alfonso Barrera, center, of Easy Legal Mexico.

The Progreso Apoyo Program is a reality and ready to help children in the community stay in school.

The group signed the papers to form a Civil Association, a legally recognized Mexican nonprofit charity.

The two partners at law firm Easy Legal Mexico, Francisco Gutierrez and Alfonso Barrera Romero, as well as their Associate Laura Diaz, contributed their time to draw up the paperwork.

Already, the group is in the enrollment process for 23 children who will comprise the first group of students matched with sponsors.

“Our mission (is) to remove financial barriers for children who live (in) the Yucatan, Mexico beach communities of Progreso and Chicxulub so they can remain in school. Our vision is successful students who are ready to access future opportunities,” states their Facebook page.

To help this group and stay in touch, like their Facebook page or contact Fundraisers are planned this fall.

Similar operations, which also include expat volunteers, have been in existence in nearby communities for years. Chelem Puerto Apoyo Escolar and Apoyo Escolar Chuburná Puerto provide material support to local children who cannot afford to purchase the required shoes and uniforms, books, school supplies, transportation and fees to attend school.

For the poorest of families, these costs are impossible and many children drop out by fourth grade, their organizers say.


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