One of Yucatan’s most popular tourist attractions is best viewed during the day, for now.

Due to an “overwhelming force” that’s outside the reach of the CULTUR Board, the “Luz y Sonido en Uxmal” shows have been suspended until further notice. No specific explanation was given.

CULTUR staff will work steadily to solve the problem “and return this wonderful show as soon as possible,| the public was assured Saturday on the agency’s @culturpatronato Instagram account.

A similar situation occurred in the ruins of Chichen Itza and the convent in Valladolid when the Light and Sound was suspended after a rainstorm and possibly a bolt of lightning. The shows’ high-tech videomapping projectors cast vivid images on famous landmarks; similar shows occur weekly in Merida’s main square. But the mechanism can be sensitive.

The Light and Sound show in Uxmal attracts both domestic and foreign tourists at one of Yucatan’s most appealing archaeological sites.


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