The American glam metal band Cinderella in 1987 recorded its Gypsy Road video in Yucatan, capturing several slices of daily life when life was simpler on the Peninsula.

The Philly-area hair band, previously recorded such hits as Nobody’s Fool and the power ballad Somebody Save Me from Night Songs , in 1986.

In 3:48 minutes, emblematic places Chichen Itzá and the main square of Valladolid, where the band travels around while playing their instruments. Also appears the mythical Cinema Varieties Maya, or simply Cinema Maya, which opened in 1975 in Cancun.

Crossing some rural areas of Yucatan, the video shows a convenience store Conasupo (National Company of Popular Subsistence) that existed in Mexico from the 1960s until the end of the 1990s.

A common theme in the video the interaction of the band members with locals, including curious children who possibly never before saw a glam metal rocker.

Gypsy Road , with lyrics that allude to perseverance, loneliness and doubts that arise when realizing a dream of success, written by Tom Keifer, guitarist and band vocalist.

The rest of the group consisted of Eric Brittingham, Fred Coury and Jeff LaBar. They first separated in 1995 as grunge took over in popularity. They broke up for good in 2017.