A stone wall keeps cars away from Dzemul, Yucatan. Photo: Courtesy

A stone wall is blocking a secondary road leading to Dzemul, where so far no coronavirus has been detected. Just who built it is not known, at least to those of us outside the town.

The wall was built by citizens who took it into their own hands to blockade the small town between Chicxulub and Telchac Puerto.

The main road is being guarded by police, who are restricting passage to local traffic. The stone wall prevents drivers from taking the “back road,” local media said.

The crew that installed the wall, described as having an almost perfect finish, also erected a “caution, work in progress” sign. However, it’s not clear if the wall has reflectors or lights to warn night travelers.

The Dzemul City Council endorsed the project, stating on social media that municipalities have sovereignty to make their own efforts to protect citizens.

The wall is perhaps the most extreme effort yet in Yucatan to prevent travelers from other cities to arrive and possibly infect locals with coronavirus. Blockages and other aggression has been reported in other towns where commuters work in big cities or vacationers come to unwind.


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