Overpacked beaches in Acapulco have the mayor considering measures to “save” the Christmas season from a possible resurgence of coronavirus infections. Photo: Agencies

An onslaught of holiday-weekend tourists who ignored social-distancing protocols has Acapulco’s mayor considering closing the resort city’s beaches.

Mayor Adela Román Ocampo described such as lockdown as an attempt to prevent more COVID-19 infections and possibly “save” the December holiday season.

The long weekend commemorating the Mexican Revolution was an economic boon to beleaguered Acapulco, where hotels were occupied close to 50%.

Visitors emerging from months of coronavirus contingencies overpacked the beaches at Caleta, Caletilla, Papagayo, Tamarindo and Revolcadero, local media reported.

Eleven establishments were closed for not complying with sanitary measures and a wedding reception with 300 guests was shut down.

Guerrero Gov. Héctor Astudillo Flores even said that more visitors arrived than they “imagined.”

According to the Acapulco Tourism Directorate, about 70,000 tourists came from Mexico City, Pueblo, the State of Mexico and Morelos.

“I was one of those who insisted that the beaches be closed in November,” said the mayor. “I will continue to insist on this measure, but the guidelines come from the federation, down to the states, and the states pass it on to the municipalities.”

Source: News agencies


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