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Inside an intimate, well-planned destination wedding in Valladolid

Paulina Ortega and Clark Kent Koga met in the Philippines and live in Australia. But they chose Valladolid, Yucatan for their destination wedding.

Yucatan is No. 3 in Mexico for ‘romance tourism’

Hacienda weddings are good for Yucatan's economy. Photo: Courtesy Merida, Yucatan — According to travel specialists, Yucatan is...

A push for more Yucatecan destination weddings

A journey through time in magical settings, such as ancient haciendas and mystical cenotes, are part of what Yucatán offers to a bride or groom seeking a wedding that is out of the ordinary.

History-making gay marriage ending in divorce

The first gay couple to get married in Yucatan will make history again with the state's first same-sex divorce.

Tour demonstrates why million-peso weddings belong in Yucatan

Organizers see potential for more wedding here that start at $50,000 USD/900,000 peso and can reach $70,000 USD/1.26 million pesos.

Same-sex marriage in Yucatán: Decision due

Mexico's Supreme Court on Wednesday will reportedly decide whether it will force Yucatán to extend equal marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Luxurious wedding draws attention in Centro

A high-society wedding on Saturday briefly dominated the Centro while onlookers took photographs and asked each other, "who's getting married?"

Gay couple gets married in Playa del Carmen jail

The municipal jail was the scene of a wedding between two of its occupants yesterday.

Mass wedding to overtake convent in Izamal

Izamal's historic convent is preparing for a mass wedding Friday, when 1,055 couples couples will exchange vows.

Mayan wedding ceremonies go global

Couples seeking the exotic and spiritual are increasingly drawn to Mayan wedding ceremonies. But it's more likely those couples are coming from places other than Mexico or the Yucatán Peninsula.

Expo: The business side of weddings

Southeast Mexico is increasingly a favorite wedding destination, and an upcoming conference at Siglo XXI wants to help businesess build on that fact.

Gay wedding a first for Progreso

Two municipal employees will be the first to have a same-sex wedding in the port city of Progreso next month.

Perfect timing for a beach wedding

A beach wedding in Yucatán cannot be properly planned without considering the climate. Here's a guide timing your nuptials for everyone's comfort.