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Sex workers defended by activists after police make arrests downtown

A woman is hauled away by police on Calle 58, south of the Plaza Grande. Photo: Desde el Balcon

1 water leak becomes 2 as Japay repairs aging pipes beneath...

Two major water-main leaks beneath Calle 64, between 59 and 57 in Merida’s Centro Historico, were repaired by Japay. Photo: Courtesy

Controversial highway over Progreso may have to shift 2 blocks west

Progreso, Yucatan — An elevated highway linking the industrial port and the Merida highway has failed to win over...

Part of Calle 59 to be re-named for Nobel laureate from...

Part of Calle 59 in Merida will be named for Nobel Laureate Alfonso García Robles. Photo: Internet Within...

Proposed: Turn Calle 47 into a pedestrian-only zone

Another proposal to turn a busy Centro street into a pedestrian path has been floated, this one linking to a possible Mayan Train station.

Beer truck overturns to avoid hitting accident victim

A beer truck lost its cargo after flipping to avoid hitting an injured pedestrian. Photo: Sipse video Merida,...

Ground swallows street in Garcia Gineres

A huge sinkhole formed Tuesday morning on Calle 28 between 29 and 31 in Col. Garcia Gineres.

Grasping Mexico’s beautiful and bewildering street art

These are images that I could never imagine to find in the Netherlands, let alone in Dutch restaurants.

Mototaxi accidents prompt review of safety laws

A series of road accidents involving mototaxis has led to a review of safety measures.

Traffic doesn’t take a holiday in Merida’s Centro

A policeman directs traffic on Calle 54 and 47 during Noche Blanca in Merida. Photo: Lee Steele Merida,...

Christmas ornaments start to appear on city streets

Some 2,000 Christmas decorations have started to appear on city streets, and city workers have their work cut out for them.

Street closures announced for Wednesday’s Paseo de las Ánimas

Wednesday's Paseo de las Ánimas, which in recent years attracted tens of thousands of participants, requires several road closures hours before the procession begins.

221 new storm drains to combat street flooding

Addressing chronic street flooding, the city is paying two private contractors a combined 600,000 pesos for 221 new storm drains and eight reservoirs.

Academics optimistic that Mérida’s Centro’s problems can be solved

Ideas abound to make the Centro safe and more livable.

Flooded streets, fallen trees and a long blackout follow heavy rainfall

Flooded streets, stranded cars, fallen trees and a prolonged blackout in the Centro resulted from torrential rain accompanied by hail Tuesday afternoon.

Lane closures at Periférico and Merida-Progreso highway expected to cause traffic...

A new phase in the misery at the Progreso highway interchange.

Warning to Mérida’s bump-out builders gets teeth

The city's warning against sidewalk-hogging homeowners will be easier to enforce.

Centro ‘rescue’ project heads north, with larger budget for more properties

The second stage of the current effort to restore facades in the Centro Histórico is a quarter-way done, said the city's director of urban development, Aref Karam Espósitos.

Avenue renamed to celebrate city’s kinship with Korea

The city honored a historic friendship by renaming a stretch of road Avenida República de Corea in the Altabrisa neighborhood.

Mérida signs with tech giants to be Latin America’s 1st ‘Smart...

Two tech companies are donating 8.4 million pesos and a good chunk of their human capital toward a "Smart Mérida" pilot program. 

Centro sidewalk project nearly completed

The Centro's notoriously difficult sidewalks are getting better and better, block by block.

Residents slow to report potholes, despite web page, hotline and app

It's not easy for the city to keep up with potholes, which appear even more frequently in rainy weather.

Chamber calls for end to law limiting liquor stores

Laws mandating a 200-meter distance between liquor stores are being challenged by the local Chamber of Commerce.

City warns homeowners who build out, block sidewalk

City officials are threatening to remove protrusions built by homeowners encroaching onto already narrow sidewalks.