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Prepare for more unsettled weather, maybe even hail, this weekend

Source: Meteored Another tropical wave will arrive no later than Saturday, bringing potential thunderstorms this weekend.

Evacuated by fishing boat while in labor, Kancab woman gives birth...

A woman evacuated from floodwaters in Tekax gave birth to a baby boy. Both are in good health. Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Man drowns attempting to cross flooded street to share groceries

Tropical Storm Cristóbal took the life of a 54-year-old man who attempted to swim across a flooded road to pass groceries to the other side of the street.

Mystery smell emerges as Yucatan dries out from Cristobal

Cristobal left Yucatan a little parting gift on the way to Louisiana. And it explains the odd odor many residents noticed last...

Cristobal moves on, but rain will continue in Yucatan

Hours ago, the raging weather system headed north toward the United States, but skies will remain unsettled Saturday in Yucatan.

Cristobal heads toward Merida, adding higher winds to rain

Cristobal inched closer to Yucatan by Friday morning. Photo: NOAA The center of tropical storm Cristobal remains southwest...

Record-breaking rainfall continues, hitting poor communities the hardest

The storm has "begun its journey toward Yucatan," declared a local weather forecaster.

Tropical Storm Cristobal in pictures

Photos tell the story of the damage Cristobal has done to Yucatan while stalled over Campeche.

Yucatan under alert, braces for more drenching from Cristobal

For the western Yucatan Peninsula, a yellow alert has been declared by the state Civil Protection Committee as Tropical Storm Cristobal hovers over Campeche.

Tropical Storm Cristobal prepares to brush the Peninsula

Tropical Storm Cristobal's expected track past Yucatan and toward Louisiana. YEL graphic / Google map Tropical Storm Cristobal...

Floods, property damage rampant as downpours continue in Yucatan

Military personnel views flooding in Merida. Photo: Courtesy After more than 36 hours of continuous rain, Yucatan has...

Families evacuated by military rescuers after Cristobal floods homes

A rescuer from the 20th Motorized Cavalry Regiment is waist-deep in flood water in Yaxcabá. Photo: Internet The...

Storm will linger for days, forecasters warn

Tropical Storm Cristobal. Photo: Meteorología Yucatán @ClimaYucatan Today's rains are just the beginning. Tropical Storm Cristobal is nearly...

Amanda forms and clashes with a tropical wave in Yucatan

Tropical storm Amanda skirts Yucatan on its way to the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday. Photo: KHOU Tropical...

Fishermen on alert for the damaging winds of the ‘Cordonazo de...

Seas batter the Yucatan coast during a 2017 "Cordonazo de la Santa Cruz" It looks like even Cordonazo...

Rain and hail come to Yucatan, but Centro only gets a...

Rain skirts Merida, disappointing many parched residents. Photo: AccuWeather The bulk of Saturday night's downpours skirted the Centro,...

Dramatic storms sweep through Yucatan, bringing lightning and hail

Storms brought hail to parts of Yucatan. Photos: Facebook Merida, Yucatan — Rain, lightning, winds and hail hit...

Cold front whips up beaches, knocks down trees and poles

Strong winds and heavy rain from today's Cold Front No. 31 brought down trees and power lines everywhere.

Wind and rain batter Yucatán, and baby it’s cold outside

Cold Front No. 10 has flooded streets and caused minor damage around the Yucatan Peninsula today.

Invest 95L to brush by the Yucatán Peninsula while Isaac weakens

Invest 95L, a tropical weather system, has been hanging around the Yucatán Peninsula near Cancun, but is more of a worry for other regions.

Trees fall, power goes out in heavy rain

Wind gusts Monday afternoon, reaching 83 kph/52 mph, toppled at least 85 trees, a billboard and three telephone poles.

Afternoon squall whips up the region

Winds of up to 74 kilometers/45 miles per hour and heavy rains swept through the region, toppling both trees and billboards and knocking out power in some areas.

Strongest rains so far this year rattle city

Heavy rains and high winds on Saturday caused an abandoned mansion to collapse, and disrupted the lives of thousands across the Centro.