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911 is the number for emergencies starting Monday

Starting Monday, call 911 for emergencies when you're in Yucatán, and anywhere else in Mexico.

After tragedy, city reins in fireworks permits

In light of the tragedy at Tultepec's fireworks market, officials here are warning that vendors selling pyrotechnics will be monitored closely.

Yucatán is the safest state in the country. Here’s why.

Investment in infrastructure and security has paid off in Yucatán, Milenio reports.

How to verify the inspector at your door is legit

While the state sends out anti-mosquito brigades, you can tell for sure if the inspector at your door is real or an imposter.

Say adios to the wildly popular, horribly unsafe Tsuru

The Nissan Tsuru, which north of the border is the Sentra, ends its run here after over two decades.

Mérida again tops livability index

The best place in Mexico to live is Mérida. There, it's official. An independent survey has placed the White City at the top of a livability index for the second year in a row.

Audible traffic signals guide the visually impaired

The four intersections around the Plaza Grande have been fitted with audible traffic signals to help visually impaired pedestrians cross safely.

Heightened security on ADO buses

A prominent bus line has installed more video cameras on buses and terminals as the summer travel season approaches.

Coloring book is a walk on Mexico’s gentle side

The pair behind the travel blog Wandertooth have published an adult coloring book depicting the vibrant streets and landscapes of Mexico, Mérida included.

Here’s where the DUI check points will be

In time for holiday revelry, police in Mérida are setting up 34 check points inside the city and its surroundings. Here's how the police will be deployed.

Next year, 911 will handle all emergencies

Calling for help will be easier in 2016. The Federal Telecommunications Institute has established 911 as the uniform emergency number for fire, police and other services.

Mérida plans 5-day attack on mosquitoes

A five-day plan to spray all of Mérida for mosquitoes is in place as part of the city's ongoing campaign against dengue and chikungunya.

Taxi crash at Santa Lucia injures 10

The busy intersection of Calles 55 and 60 became an outdoor hospital when 10 passengers were injured in a taxi van collision yesterday morning.

Hotel Zone under guard as officials meet

Army trucks in the Hotel Zone are inevitably a sign of a high-level meeting happening somewhere, and the last two days were no exception.

Cyclists to rally for respect, safety

Numerous bicycling clubs will rally Monday to demand that authorities do more to foster a safe and encouraging environment for people riding on two wheels.

Spy cams: Lesson from Mérida’s police

Not all spy cams are created equal. Mérida police maintain surveillance cameras across the city, but they're hack-proof, unlike many home camera systems.

Preparing for flu season

As part of the Campaign Against National Influenza 2014, the Yucatán Health Sector yesterday launched a vaccination campaign in time for peak flu season.

Mérida employs an eye in the sky

The city has a new tool to hunt down out-of-order street lights: A small, remote-controlled "drone."

Yucatan tops list of most placid places

Campeche is at the top of a list ranking Mexico's most peaceful states. Its peninsular neighbor, Yucatan, is in the top 5.

Traffic lights no panacea at Santiago intersection

Be careful walking in the Centro. That's a given, but be particularly careful at 68 y 57.

Summer holiday accidents down, deaths up

As the summer season winds down, officials release good news-bad news data that finds fewer accidents, including crashes caused by drunk driving.

Guatemala: Is the chicken bus worth it?

Despite its dangers, Guatemala seems to attract rugged tourists. If you’re feeling brave, it’s still a good idea to check the U.S. State Department travel safety page.