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Murdered photographer’s housemate found guilty, sentenced to 40 years in prison

Family satisfied with verdict nearly a year after gruesome discovery in Chelem dump.

No injuries in rollover involving U.S. passenger and guide

A car was overturned at a busy Centro intersection when a U.S. passenger and his guide blew through a stop sign, Sipse reported.

Smoke in kitchen forces evacuation at La Isla

Smoke from a kitchen fryer sent customers and workers to the La Isla parking lot on Thursday.

Mérida has the best quality of life in Mexico, according to...

The U.N. Habitat Index of Prosperous Cities agrees with other surveys that Mérida is tops in Mexico.

Shoplifting tops extortion as a threat to businesses in Yucatán

Small stores and large stores are affected at the same rate, according to the federal statistics report.

Coastal expats in Yucatán get a tour of police facilities, technology

Canadian and American citizens residing in coastal Yucatán got an inside look at the state Police Intelligence and Monitoring Unit.

Yucatán police get ready for Independence Day revelry across Mérida

While the public is celebrating Independence Day, the state Ministry of Public Security (SSP) will be watching closely.

Another crane accident at Paseo 60 injures combi passengers

A second crane accident at the Paseo 60 hotel complex has sent two passengers in a combi to the hospital.

Mérida police release a tally of summer-vacation arrests

With the summer holiday period officially over, the municipal police report they arrested 922 people for various misdeeds.

Octopus from Yucatán is gold to highway robbers

Fisheries have asked federal police to protect refrigerated freight trucks transporting seafood from Yucatán to central Mexico.

Police: 3 travel brokers scammed victims for years in Mérida

Three women selling travel packages have been arrested by police and accused of scamming victims for four years.

2 Americans released on bond after bringing weapons into Cancun

Two members of a Georgia sheriff's office were released late Saturday after Mexican authorities detained them for weapons possession in Cancun two nights before.

Despite Cancun violence, U.S. warning favors Peninsula resorts over other Mexican...

The U.S. State Department's latest travel warning suggests that Cancun is safer than the Pacific Coast.

Helicopter arrives to rescue 3 stranded adventurers

State police used a helicopter Wednesday in a search-and-rescue operation when two Canadians and an Australian were stranded in a nature preserve.

Crocodiles increasingly common in Progreso, Sisal and Celestún

Destruction of natural cienegas has pushed crocodiles into view along the Yucatecan coast.

Mexico’s top tourism destinations deemed safe by U.S. State Dept.

Quintana Roo's lucrative tourist zones have been spared in the United States Department of State's updated travel advisory.

Immigrant from Yucatán gunned down in U.S. remembered as a ‘light’

Friends are remembering Carlos Chan Cocom, who migrated from Yucatán to California where he worked as a waiter, as "the light of the room." 

LED fixtures to replace 4,000 old Periférico street lamps

Seeing on the ring road at night will soon be a little easier. 

Fire quickly destroys city bus in the Centro

Passengers escaped a fire that destroyed an entire city bus in the Centro on Friday.

Copper and aluminum wiring theft is rampant in Mérida

More than 2,500 meters of copper and aluminum cable valued at just over half a million pesos has been stolen since March.

Citibanamex, Banorte apparently under hacker attacks

Two large banks are apparently fighting off hackers, slowing bank transactions at both institutions.

Network of 2,000 surveillance cameras nearly complete

The Escudo Yucatán (Yucatán Shield) program, which is wiring up the city with surveillance cameras, will be fully implemented in August, state officials said.

School says crumbling Sidra Pino factory is a danger

Although municipal officials demolished several dilapidated mansions in the Centro last year, it is unclear how the Sidra Pino plant has escaped the wrecking ball.

Armed men on jet skis take Cancun violence to a new...

Gunmen on jet skis shot at a beach vendor at the Riu Palace in Cancun, an unprecedented encroachment of violence into the hotel zone.