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Rare commercial flight to land at Chichen Itza airport

By early afternoon today, Chichen Itza International Airport will have welcomed its first commercial flight in many years.

Sargassum crisis could wash away tourist income by 30%

The sargassum crisis could cost the Riviera Maya up to 30 percent of its tourist trade, according to a presidential commission.

Mexico’s new frontier is south of Tulum

Cancun's success inspired further development south along Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

El Niño may prolong sargasso tides into next year

Contradicting predictions that sargassum will abate by December, the president of the Ocean Network in Mexico warned that the crisis will last into the beginning of 2019.

Chablé Resort spinning off with new resort on Caribbean coast

Chablé Resort, a luxury enclave tucked away in the jungle 20 minutes southwest from Mérida's city line, is opening a sister property on the shores of Riviera Maya.

Sargassum torments beachgoers far beyond Riviera Maya

Sargassum, which has hit not only the Peninsula's Caribbean coast but also beaches from Texas to the Carolinas, is worse than ever this year.

Tainted alcohol suspected at resorts, but tracking cases is difficult

Reports of tainted, bootleg liquor at all-inclusive resorts on the Riviera Maya will not result in a travel warning from the U.S. Consulate, which does not have “sufficient information." Tracking down details has been difficult for many reasons.

Gay couple gets married in Playa del Carmen jail

The municipal jail was the scene of a wedding between two of its occupants yesterday.

Riviera Maya tourism up 8 percent over 2015

Cancun and the entire Riviera Maya is continuing its strong growth trend that began more than a decade ago, according to new data from the Mexican government.

Frida Kahlo museum coming to Playa del Carmen

A museum dedicated to the work and life of Frida Kahlo will open in the first quarter of 2017 in Playa del Carmen. It will be only the second museum in the world with a focus on Frida.

‘Spring Break Nightmare’ has doubters

A "Spring Break Nightmare" story that's making the rounds on social media has its detractors at Snopes.com, the website that debunks urban legends.