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Merida human rights group enters pact with Nobel Laureates, heads to...

Photo: Monserrat Irazoqui The Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates announced a five-year partnership...

Women in Mexico mark 65 years of voting in elections

Women vote for the first time in Mexico in 1955. Photo: Courtesy Friday is the 65th anniversary of...

Thousands of Yucatecas march against violence on International Women’s Day

An estimated 5,000 women marched peacefully on the Paseo de Montejo to denounce violence and demand rights and respect.

Silent march planned Sunday to protest tear gas attack

A "Peaceful March of Silence for the Dignity of Yucatan" will kick off where police launched tear gas at protestors a week before.

Police officers suspended after firing tear gas at protestors

Merida, Yucatan — Three protestors were arrested and three policemen were suspended for using tear gas against...

Trans child in Yucatan allowed official gender change

A transgender 12-year-old was allowed to change the gender on their birth certificate. Photo: La Jornada Maya In...

Diego Luna blasts Yucatan lawmakers for denying equal marriage rights

Diego Luna criticized Yucatan lawmakers for preventing marriage-equality laws from passing. Photo: Courtesy Merida, Yucatan — On the...

Women in Merida and across Mexico go public with their personal...

Women in the Plaza Grande join a national protest against violence directed toward women. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Yucatan legislature may face gay marriage vote for 3rd time

Advocates of marriage equality make their case before lawmakers in Yucatan. Photo: Punto Medio Merida, Yucatan — Undaunted...

Yucatan legislature again rejects law allowing same-sex marriage

Secret vote defies Mexico's Supreme Court ruling calling gay-marriage ban unconstitutional.

May Day rallies across the Merida unify workers

For International Worker's Day, some 600 members of various collective trade unions marched to demand respect and better working conditions.

Marriage equality defeated by Yucatan lawmakers

In a secret ballot, the plenary of the Yucatan state congress voted against a marriage equality bill that was forwarded by a committee Tuesday.

Committee gives green light for marriage equality in Yucatan

PAN remains holdout as measure heads to legislative session

Lawmakers gather opinions on same-sex marriage in Yucatan

Activists fight for marriage equality in Yucatan. Photo: Courtesy Merida — An invitation to speak out for or...

Plaza Grande rally to support transgender community in Yucatan

A rally to support what they call "the most vulnerable and marginalized of the minorities" is planned Sunday in the main square.

Yucatan stalls on legalizing gay marriage

So far, Yucatan is the only Mexican state in the Peninsula that has not approved marriage between people of the same sex.

Art and Human Rights at the Olimpo

For the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an art exhibit "Art and Human Rights" opens with a reception.

Gay Mexican couple is 1st to have U.S. marriage recognized by...

Daniel Berezowsky and Jaime Chávez Alor have become the first gay couple to have a marriage performed outside of Mexico recognized by Mexican law.

No referendum on gay marriage or abortion in Yucatan, says legislator

Same-sex marriage and abortion in Yucatan won't be put before the public the way the Mayan Train or Mexico City airport were, a state lawmaker said.

Google Doodle celebrates María Rebecca Latigo de Hernández 122nd birthday

The "Doodle" brings attention to María Rebecca Latigo de Hernández's 122nd birthday, an important Mexican-American civil rights activist.

LGBTQ pride march starts at La Mejorada

The XVI march for Sexual Diversity Rights starts at 5 p.m. Saturday, June 15 at La Mejorada Park.

Yucatán’s LGBTQ march represents an estimated 130,000 people

The XVI March for Sexual Diversity in Yucatán, which parallels LGBTQ pride celebrations around the world, will deliver a firm political message.

A new push for laws protecting same-sex marriage, transgender rights

A bill supporting transgender citizens will be submitted to the Yucatán legislature, said a New Alliance Party politician.

Activists jump into ring, disrupt bullfight at Plaza de Toros

A pair of shirtless animal-rights activists leaped into the ring Sunday to stop a bullfight at Plaza de Toros.