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Progreso ranks 4th nationally for cruise ships

Cruise ships at Progreso. Photo: Facebook For the third consecutive year, Puerto Progreso remains Mexico's fourth most-visited cruise-ship...

Port officials revives plan to build bridge over Progreso

The director of the Port Administration is dusting off a 20-year-old plan to build a "second floor" over Calle 82.

Fishermen have 2nd job: Collect plastic trash at sea

Grouper season begins with a pact to haul in plastics along with fish.

Woodstock tribute at La Cola del Crocodilo

2019 marks 50 years since Woodstock, and The Crocodile's Tail, La Cola del Crocodilo, is celebrating with a tribute the landmark concert.

U.S. Consulate ‘town hall’ meeting for Americans at the beach

The U.S. Consulate is hosting an informational "town hall" meeting for American citizens living in Yucatan's beach communities. 

Artificial reef part of Progreso’s revitalization plan

1,400 concrete underwater structures would attract sea growth off the coast.

Report: Progreso bar, site of fatal accident, operated illegally

The collapsed wall lacked joists to support the weight of the concrete, according to reports.

Cantina manager held following deadly structural collapse in Progreso

State launches investigation as dead and injured are identified

Progreso cantina’s walls collapse, killing 3

A corner cantina's upstairs wall and overhang collapsed Sunday afternoon, reportedly killing three, including 6-year-old girl and possibly her mother.

Progreso lists improvements for both tourists and foreign residents

A quiet block in Progreso is a proposed tourist zone. Photo: Google Progreso, Yucatan — Improvements to the...

Fisherman lost at sea following powerful storm

The norte that surprised dozens of boats on the high seas.

Progreso creates ecological police corps in battle against illegal dumping

The mayor on Monday will introduce a special squad to catch polluters.

Dolphin strandings continue, this time at Yucalpetén resort

Tourists discovered a dead dolphin that washed ashore on the beaches of Yucalpetén, just in front of the Costa Club del Isstey resort.

Mediterranean tapas and dance tunes with Stepp On It

Saboreando Comida India in Progreso serves tapas with music provided by the Stepp On It band, musical duo playing a wide variety of tunes from...

Hyundai considers developing hydrogen-based cars in Yucatan

The Port of Progreso Special Economic Zone's has aroused the interest of South Korean companies such Hyundai Motors.

Federal help asked to stop construction in protected mangrove zone

Illegal construction in Chicxulub Puerto's mangrove areas has the mayor asking for federal assistance to stop it.

Trash bags and hashtags center of campaign for a cleaner Progreso

A campaign for a cleaner port involves a hashtag and a couple thousand helpful handouts.

More cruise ships to dock at Progreso in October

The number of cruise ship arrivals at the port of Progreso will increase in October, with 11 pleasure boats expected this month.

Fines top 3 million pesos for driving near sea turtle nesting...

The 14 offenders who were caught driving vehicles on a stretch of Progreso's beach a year ago have been fined 3 million pesos, collectively, for putting sea turtles and their nesting areas at risk.

Progreso’s crackdown on litter quickly snares 1st suspect

A 45-year-old Oaxaca native was stopped by police and jailed for littering just a day after a tough new law punishing litterbugs was signed by the mayor.

Navy rescues yacht stranded off Progreso coast

The Navy helped rescue a luxury yacht with engine problems, drifting off the coast.

New plant in Progreso could lower cement costs in Yucatán

When Cementos Fortaleza's new factory in Yucatán is completed next year, cement prices could become more competitive.

Progreso’s tap-water crisis is like a steady drip

For the second time in less than 15 days, the CFE cut power to a water pump station in Flamboyanes to pressure the Progreso's water utility to pay its debt.