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Oil exploration banned off Yucatán coast, Los Alacranes reef

President Enrique Peña Nieto has issued decrees prohibiting oil exploration less than 180 kilometers off the coast of Yucatán.

Yucatán’s gas prices are the lowest in Mexico

Even with gas prices way up in Mexico, drivers in Progreso are paying less than anywhere else in the country, and Mérida's pumps are priced well below average as well.

Reports: Gas prices to be frozen for now

For the second time this year, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit will postpone a hike in gas prices.

Local trio develops app to locate honest gas stations

A group of young Yucatecan entrepreneurs in Mérida is pre-selling an app and meter that helps drivers verify which gas stations are honest and reliable.

Gas prices to rise up to 20.1% in new year

Despite a dramatic rise in gas prices, authorities say they’re confident the freeing of prices will ultimately benefit consumers through greater competition between gas stations.

First non-Pemex gas station arrives

La Gas, a new service-station franchise, began operations Monday with gas stations in Merida and Campeche.

Mexico gas price reform head of schedule

Mexico's first non-Pemex gas stations will open in Mexico this July, although none in Yucatán have yet been announced.

The bright side of Mexico’s economy

While oil production is falling, gains in auto production and consumer spending are helping give Mexico the fastest growth among major economies in Latin America and an expansion that's quicker than several large oil producers.

Gulf of Mexico oil auction falls short

Nearly 80 years after kicking foreign energy companies out, the government began taking bids on US$17 billion worth of oil fields in shallow water.

Oil wells planned near Scorpion Reef

The newspaper Milenio Novedades has obtained documents confirming that since 2013, Pemex has been actively exploring potential drilling sites near Scorpion Reef.

Pemex franchises will be overhauled

Pemex gas stations will launch a new look next year in preparation for 2017, when its franchisees face competition for the first time.