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After the pandemic, an opportunity to ‘reset’ the Centro, say activists

Newly arriving bars were bad neighbors for private residents who lived on the same block. Photo: Courtesy One...

The Centro was designed for peaceful living, cantinas and all

Photo: Andrew Nedimyer El Dzalbay, one of Merida’s popular bars, was shut down last week for playing music at a...

Dzalbay suspends operations when cited for excessive noise

The city's crackdown on noise has snared a popular expat cantina, El Dzalbay.

Noise complaints decrease dramatically in Merida, surprising many

In December, only two citizen complaints were filed, said the Director of Urban Development.

University students design noise monitors for the Centro Historico

The city and the the state university are working together on a campaign against noise pollution. Photo: UADY

Noise laws are not being enforced, group tells Merida officials

Merida's Centro Historico has gotten noisier in recent years as nightclubs have moved in. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Merida city council passes noise regulations with fines reaching 2 million...

Merida's Centro Historico has gotten noisier in recent years as nightclubs have moved in. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Neighbors stonewalled as Centro flour plant noise grows louder

The giant flour mill plant has loomed over the neighborhood north of La Plancha for years. It was never much to look at, but it didn't bother many people either.

Noise regulations stalled again after deadline slips by

Merida's Centro Historico has gotten noisier in recent years as nightclubs have moved in. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Compromise between noisy Merida nightclubs, residents remains to be seen

City officials continue to tread cautiously in their attempt to mitigate noise pollution in the Centro.

Noise laws by next week, says Merida mayor, echoing familiar promise

Long-promised noise regulations are coming to the Centro Historico next week, said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

City to open management office in Centro Historico

The city is establishing an office to watch over quality-of-life issues in the Centro of Merida. Photo: Courtesy

Centro bar closed again, presumably for noise violations

The Directorate of Urban Development of the City of Mérida last week closed, for the third time, a boisterous Centro Histórico nightclub.

Judge tosses noise complaints against neighborhood cantinas

The Fifth District Court suspended the amparo process requested by residents living near loud Centro cantinas, questioning if the complainants really lived near the nightclubs.

In final days of city administration, noise regulations remain stalled

Noise regulations remain a list of promises to be kept before the current administration hands over the keys to the Municipal Palace to the incoming administration on Sept. 1.

30% of youth in Yucatán experiencing gradual hearing loss

Yucatán seems to thrive on loud music, television and radio.

Acoustics engineer envisions compromise in the Centro

Solving the noise problem in the Centro is not so easy, an acoustics expert says.

Noise protest in Centro draws ugly backlash

Residents in the Centro Histórico denounced weekend vandalism aimed at the ongoing anti-noise protest.

Centro restaurants to invest in soundproofing

Although the restaurants that operate in the Historic Center haven't been snagged in the ongoing kerfuffle over noise, 25 of them are investing in soundproofing.

Protect investors with a zoning plan in Mérida, Canaco leader says

Where a machine shop can legally operate next to a restaurant, investors hesitate to write checks.

Musicians’ union official links noise crackdown with cranky expats

Foreigners who don't like hearing music blaring from a nightclub in their neighborhood should return to their home country, said Miguel Ángel Martínez Ancona, general secretary of a musicians' union.

Rooftop nightclubs anger neighbors in San Ramón Norte

North of the Centro, residents have their own battle with noisy bars, which opened in the last six months on the roof of an eight-story complex.

Mérida’s noise revisions remain under review; vote may take weeks

Noise regulations in Mérida aren't as imminent as earlier indicated and are still going through various channels before reaching a vote.

3 Playa del Carmen bars suspended after hotels complain about excessive...

Three party bars have been forced to suspend operations under a citywide noise crackdown similar to Mérida's.