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Merida on top of Travel + Leisure reader’s poll for 4th...

OK, so maybe Merida is a long shot to become Conde Nast Traveler's "Best City in the World," but here's a consolation prize if we need it.

Merida on Thrillist’s list of Mexico’s most underrated cities

Merida is a "hidden gem," writes Thrillist. Photo: Getty Yucatan’s "multi-hued capital," Merida, "is also Mexico’s unsung cultural...

Journalists in Yucatan organize, plan training sessions for reporting the news

Photo: Punto Medio In the context of the Freedom of Expression Day, journalists from Yucatan talked about organizing...

Aeromexico campaign scales the U.S. border walls

Uplifting message: There are no borders in the sky.

Fodor’s puts Merida on its 2019 ‘Go List’

Fodor's has high praise for Merida. Illustration: Fodor's "This crumbling and colorful city in the Yucatan is the...

A tale of 2 Yucatan restaurants, by a visiting critic from...

Vancouver Sun restaurant columnist Mia Stainsby concluded a visit to Naples, Fla., with a hop over the Gulf of Mexico for some food.

A trip to tropical Merida by a woman traveling solo (and...

"As a woman traveling alone, I hadn’t expected to feel as comfortable as I explored the city day and night on my late November trip," says a travel writer in the Los Angeles Times.

Latest ‘House Hunter’ in Yucatan is a Californian with a $50k...

Not too long after airing the story of a family from North Carolina, here's another "House Hunters International" in Merida.

Reality show about socialites, expats, triggers backlash

In a country where most people have darker skin and about half the population lives in poverty, a reality show about the light-skinned elite has generated backlash.

Tabloid war in Mérida: Publimetro handed out for free during morning...

Shaking up a city where several newspapers struggle to get readers to pay for their print editions, Megamedia announced a no-charge tabloid which will circulate mainly in the north.

Netflix reality show will feature expats in Mexico

We always thought expats would be good fodder for a reality show. We even joked about it here, only to see it get real on YouTube.

‘House Hunters International’ airs travel bloggers’ quest for home base in...

"Tommo and Megsy" search for a Centro rental for US$500. But she wants a pool and he wants his dream kitchen.

Small team weeds out fake news during Mexico’s election season

A news verification outlet has partners with local papers across the country, ranging from Diario de Yucatán in Mérida to the national media behemoth Milenio, to fight "fake news."

Valladolid is indeed an escape from ‘Yucatán Disneyland’

Staying at an all-inclusive "margarita-infused Disneyland in the Yucatan" for a wedding, Rita Ireland and her husband knew they could do better once they checked out.

Camera crews return to Mérida, this time for Travel Channel documentary

For the second time in less than a month, Mérida is the setting for a film.

Writing about Mérida, smitten columnist vows a big move

A columnist from Savannah writes about Mérida's natural rhythms. 

House Hunters International alert: Mexico City tonight for U.S. viewers

Travel blogger Jeremy Albelda left the Philadelphia Main Line years ago, and these days he's living the "financial freedom" life that he advocates on his travel blog.

Mérida ranks 7th in Travel & Leisure survey of Latin America

Mérida was ranked seventh among the top 10 cities in Mexico, Central and South America in a new Travel & Leisure poll.

Chicharra Festival trends nationally on Twitter

The city's first-ever Chicharra Festival trended nationally on Twitter, ranking among the top 10 most cited words on the platform.

NatGeo reveals Yucatan’s hidden temple interiors

The NatGeo channel is sharing Yucatán's most ancient secrets with all of Mexico.

What is a Yucatán vacation? Tourism official sees the confusion

State tourism campaigns must rise above politics and do a better job promoting Yucatán's international destinations, says a city tourism official.

‘Real Expats’ is a real series in Yucatán

A locally produced series called "Real Expats of the Yucatán" follows the adventures of six women in Chelem and Chuburna.

Chef Bayless’ 13 TV shows from Yucatán to air soon

Chef Rick Bayless's TV show returns to the U.S. airwaves Sept. 16 — in less than a month. Why are we so excited after 10 seasons?

Yucatán recaptures record for largest cochinita pibil

Today, cochinita is being served, typical for a Sunday morning. But this is a special cochinita pibil. It's an official Guinness Book record-breaker.