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Today’s anxieties compared with ancient Maya life

A professor from the U.S. told fellow Mayanists in Izamal that that fears of terrorism in today's world connect with what ancient civilizations encountered years ago.

Mayan observatory even more ingenious than we thought

The ancient Maya were even more sophisticated in their star-gazing that we have previously thought.

Where did Maya come from? A new theory

An anthropologist has found evidence that challenges established theories about the Maya civilization's connection with the Olmec culture. The truth may be more complicated than researchers thought.

INAH rejects teen’s discovery of Mayan city

The news that a Canadian teen had discovered an ancient Mayan city hidden in the Yucatán jungle without ever leaving home has INAH throwing cold water on the claim.

Teen looks to stars to find lost Mayan city

A teenager from Quebec has discovered a hidden Mayan city — one of the five largest on record. And he found it by using his own theory that follows the position of the stars.

Mayan wedding ceremonies go global

Couples seeking the exotic and spiritual are increasingly drawn to Mayan wedding ceremonies. But it's more likely those couples are coming from places other than Mexico or the Yucatán Peninsula.

Mérida’s growth threatens Mayan ruins

U.S. and Canadian retirees are fueling growth in some Mérida neighborhoods as much 7 percent a year, but archaeologists worry about undiscovered Mayan relics in the bulldozers' path.

Uber offers tour deal to Chichén Itzá

Still new to Mérida, the ride-share program Uber is competing with more than taxi drivers. It's taking on tour drivers as well, just in time for a big day at Chichén Itzá.

About those women on the president’s jet

The three indigenous women from Yucatan who flew to Mexico City on the presidential plane had the ride of their lives.

Maxcanú rolls out red carpet for president

President Enrique Peña Nieto ended his tour of Yucatán with a tour in Maxcanú. And when he flew back home, he took three local women with him for a quick tour.

President to visit Mayan community today

In his tenth presidential visit to Yucatán, Enrique Peña Nieto today will travel to Maxcanú to sign a three-part agreement to strengthen the development of Yucatecan Mayan communities.

Casa Maya: World’s smallest museum

Museo Casa Maya, which will demonstrate Mayan ingenuity, will be the smallest museum on the world.

Cenote detected under Chichén Itzá

The discovery of a cenote under ancient Chichén Itzá was hailed an important find yesterday at a press conference held in Mexico City.

Ancient Pok ta Pok game goes modern

The ancient Maya ball game, normally played as a reenactment for tourists, will get very real on Saturday.

Mayan artifacts return from China

A shipment of priceless Mayan artifacts returned recently to the Palacio Cantón in Mérida after being on display in China since November.

State offers hope for ‘Mayan Disneyland’

A massive cultural project at Chichen Itzá has been stalled, but not abandoned, according to officials.

Jungle overtaking ditched ‘Mayan Disneyland’

The newspaper Reforma has published photos of the half-built tourist attraction in the Yucatán jungle, now abandoned and covered with weeds.

Uxmal again bathed in light and sound

The spectacle of light and sound in the Uxmal archeological site resumed Tuesday nearly five weeks after equipment damage halted the nightly shows.

56 Maya burial urns unearthed in Sitpch

Construction workers clearing land for a housing development east of Mérida's ring road have found 56 Maya burial urns, and INAH is guarding the site.

10 days to honor Maya culture

The International Maya Culture Festival (FICMaya), a cultural collaboration with the federal government that celebrates the Maya world, begins tomorrow.

Mayan language on peninsula ‘normalized’

A "normalized" Mayan language has resulted from five years' work by specialists representing the peninsula's three states.

Yo, Maya rappers promote their heritage

Maya rappers are giving a concert tonight, bringing their ancestral language into a modern form, and at times exploring contemporary issues such as racism, drugs and abuse against women.

International festival returns to celebrate Mayan Culture

Yucatán will open its doors to leading national and international figures with the 2014 International Festival of Mayan Culture from Oct. 17 to 26.

2 lost Maya cities found in jungle

A group of archeologists in Campeche has unearthed several Maya ruins that are the remains of two cities inhabited between 600 and 900 AD. One had been discovered in the 1970s, only to be lost again.