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Feria del Maíz celebrates a culinary and cultural staple

At the first Feria del Maíz, corn was celebrated as a basis for gastronomy, art and a variety of products.

Equinox ‘serpent’ at Kukulkan debunked at archaeology conference

Some experts suggest that we've misunderstood the "feathered serpent" illusion all along — or at least over the last several decades.

Mayan ballgame at Paseo de las Animás

Watch reenactments of this ancient tradition with costumed players at the Cathedral every Friday.

At Mayapán, 2,000 unexplored structures and 100 cenotes detected

INAH has found unexplored 19 pre-Hispanic sites containing a combined 2,000 structures buried underground at Mayapán.

Gourmet fest with the flavors of Hokol Vuh

A cultural fusion at the Hacienda Aké and the hotel Rosas y Xocolate drew on gastronomic techniques from Yucatán and some of the most recognized chefs in the world.

NatGeo reveals Yucatan’s hidden temple interiors

The NatGeo channel is sharing Yucatán's most ancient secrets with all of Mexico.

Healing Path of the Shaman

Rodolfo Puch leads a visit with a local Shaman known for his work with healing with nature.

Drumming Circle

Casa K'in presents a Drumming Circle, an evening of drumming and singing to kick off the celebration of the longest day of the year.

New Mayan World routes to bring 4,000 passengers monthly

An airline deal will go a long way to remind travelers that Mexico represents more than beach vacations.

Street pavers unearth Mayan artifacts under busy street corner

Street paving was halted when city workers found what appear to be archaeological remains in the Centro.

The Maya Calendar

A presentation of the English translation of the book "El Calendario Maya" by its author, Raúl Mendoza Alcocer.

Introduction to Maya Yucateca Conversation and Culture

Learn to speak with your neighbors. A short presentation by Francisco Gonzalo Segovia Gardenas de la Selva (Pako) demonstrating basic Maya conversational tools. 

Paris designer joins Maya crafters to produce high-end bag

For his latest tote bag, Paris fashion designer Christian Louboutin traveled to the Yucatán Peninsula.

Archeologists have new high-tech tool to explore Mayan past

Recent advancements in archeological technology will be behind a three-year study of Yucatán's Puuc region.

In historic pink hotel, a much older archaeological find

While renovations creep along at the old Hotel Mérida, a Mayan relic it once displayed will be loaned to the Palacio Cantón for an exhibit.

Serious damage discovered at Dzibilchaltún site

Cracks, fissures and even some detached elements are signs of wear after countless years of exposure to both the elements and to tourists.

Protecting Yucatecan embroidery from plagiarism

Otomi prints appears on throw pillows at Pottery Barn. A French designer lifts the look created by the indigenous Mixe community in Santa Maria...

Google map exhaustively charts Maya sites

Nearly 300 Mayan archaeological sites, some obscure and some famous, are tracked on this amazing interactive Google map that demonstrates how much remains to be explored.

Today’s anxieties compared with ancient Maya life

A professor from the U.S. told fellow Mayanists in Izamal that that fears of terrorism in today's world connect with what ancient civilizations encountered years ago.

Mayan observatory even more ingenious than we thought

The ancient Maya were even more sophisticated in their star-gazing that we have previously thought.

Where did Maya come from? A new theory

An anthropologist has found evidence that challenges established theories about the Maya civilization's connection with the Olmec culture. The truth may be more complicated than researchers thought.

INAH rejects teen’s discovery of Mayan city

The news that a Canadian teen had discovered an ancient Mayan city hidden in the Yucatán jungle without ever leaving home has INAH throwing cold water on the claim.

Teen looks to stars to find lost Mayan city

A teenager from Quebec has discovered a hidden Mayan city — one of the five largest on record. And he found it by using his own theory that follows the position of the stars.

Mayan wedding ceremonies go global

Couples seeking the exotic and spiritual are increasingly drawn to Mayan wedding ceremonies. But it's more likely those couples are coming from places other than Mexico or the Yucatán Peninsula.