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Fruit juice stand catches fire at Santa Ana market

A fruit-juice vendor’s stall in Santa Ana market caught fire Thursday. Photo: Sipse Santa Ana market was closed...

Mod market planned for Chicxulub Puerto

A rendering of a new mercado planned in Chicxulub. Photo: Courtesy A modern municipal market in Chicxulub Puerto...

Merida’s biggest markets to close early under new restrictions

A sanitation checkpoint stops shoppers attempting to enter Lucas de Gálvez market in Merida. Photo: Courtesy Lucas de...

Slow Food Yucatan returns June 20 with stricter pandemic-era precautions

Slow Food Yucatan, before the pandemic. Photo: Facebook The Slow Food Yucatan market returns to Merida on Saturday,...

Police surprise Slow Food market vendors by shutting them down

Photo: Slow Food Yucatan Slow Food Yucatan, an open-air market that specializes in locally sourced provisions, was unexpectedly...

1st of 15 sanitation tents begins spritzing shoppers at Lucas de...

The first of 15 sanitation tents was installed outside a mercado in Merida. Immediately, residents lined up to try it. Photo:...

Closures ruled out at San Benito, Lucas de Gálvez markets

The massive San Benito market will remain open downtown. Photo: File Merida, Yucatan — The city's main mercados are...

Should Merida’s big mercados remain open? City will decide today

Signs posted at the Lucas de Gálvez market remind shoppers of coronavirus risks. Photo: Punto Medio Merida, Yucatan...

Fire wrecks food stalls at Lucas de Galvez

Three all-night food stalls were destroyed early Saturday when a gas leak caused a fire at the Lucas de Galvez market.

Sales of sabucanes, the traditional tote of Yucatan, surge as plastics...

Sabucans are designed with many cool colors and prints and are found at practically any mercado. Merida, Yucatan...

Heat devastates some of Yucatan’s most important crops

Market sellers at Lucas de Gálvez are charging much more for Yucatan mainstays like habanero peppers and sour oranges.

Repairs promised at crumbling, leaking, rusting Lucas de Galvez market

Merida, Yucatan — It's not just that the ceiling fell in on a jewelry repair shop last week....

New farmers market begins Tuesday in Progreso

A new weekly market begins Tuesday morning in Progreso, creating yet another opportunity for local vendors to meet customers.

Santiago Market shines after massive renovation

Entering Santiago Market? Bring your sunglasses and prepare for the glare of bright, shiny objects.

Mercado update: Santiago market to include interior green space

An investment of 7.6 million pesos will improve efficiency at Santiago's and Chuburná de Hidalgo's markets. 

Deep clean, fresh paint for Lucas de Gálvez market

Its facade already patched and painted, the iconic Lucas de Gálvez market is about to be given 2 million pesos worth of maintenance.

Market that never opened seen as key to street vendor dilemma

The Chamber has proposed reviving La Pepita, an unfinished market space built 15 years ago.

Traditional mercados will be extinct without reforms, leader says

Traditional mercados could disappear by 2050 if vendors don't modernize, a top official from a food-supply trade group said.

Chedraui closing store that broke new ground in ’89

Mérida's first Chedraui, which has anchored Plaza Crystal since 1989, closes for good at the end of the week.

Mérida supermarket is first in city to stay open 24 hours

The Comercial Mexicana at Gran Plaza has become the first open-all-hours supermarket in the city.

Vendors invited back to unfinished market

Seventy-one vendors who were displaced while Mercado Lucas de Gálvez was being remodeled will return in waves starting Monday. Will the space be ready?

25 years at Santa Lucia flea market

Jerzy Swiadek Spyjalski, who is originally from Poland, arrived in Mérida in 1974. He became so enamored of the city, he decided to stay here.

Market stalls relocated to park

In a week, all the 107 stalls from the historic Lucas de Gálvez market will be set up in temporary quarters as workers prepare for major renovations.

Restoration begins in the central markets

Ceremonial speeches signaled the beginning of long-awaited renovations to the main public markets, Lucas de Gálvez and San Benitoa.