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Taxes nearly tripled for negligent property owners

So far this year, 63 property owners have been fined a combined 2.7 million pesos over vacant lots that were allowed to become dumping grounds.

Customer forced to pay merchant she disparaged on Facebook

For the first time in Yucatán, a customer who took a complaint to Facebook was found guilty of defamation.

Defiant Volaris still charging luggage fees, to appeal fine

Volaris said it will keep charging for the first checked suitcase on its flights from Mexico to the United States and Canada, despite the fine imposed on Tuesday by Profeco for doing just that.

Legislators consider raising Mexico’s drinking age to 21

As part of what they say is their commitment to children, he coordinator of Ecological Green Party said colleagues are studying raising the country's drinking age from 18 to 21.

Have restaurants spread out too far into public spaces?

Dining under the stars is one of life's great pleasures. So is a sidewalk stroll, or a walk in the park. Somehow, these pursuits have collided. Literally.

Young deputy protests Yucatán’s concrete jungle

Following a protest at a city park that sacrificed green grass for concrete, a young Green party member has gotten full support for a resolution urging municipalities to change their ways.

Work stoppage Saturday at big-box stores here

In a dispute over profit sharing Walmart and Bodega Aurrerá employees have declared a work stoppage on Saturday.

Long lines deter drivers from updating their license plates

With a deadline just 47 days away, seven out of 10 drivers have yet to most swap out their old license plates.

Staging dog fights becomes a felony in Mexico

Lawmakers have approved jail time and fines for organizing dog fights or even attending a fight as a spectator.

Alcohol sales extended for Easter Sunday

Alcohol sales in Mérida and Progreso will be allowed an extra three hours for the Easter Sunday holiday.

Fines await grinches who withheld Christmas bonuses

Companies that did not hand out Christmas bonuses last month face fines exceeding $400,000 pesos.

Property owners scramble to avoid cleanup fines

More than 500 owners of vacant land have cleaned up their properties to avoid municipal fines which can reach 600,000 pesos.

Tax on Uber drivers proposed

State government representatives met this morning to discuss taxing and regulating Uber drivers in Mérida.

City intervenes at crumbling Casino de Progreso

A neglected and crumbling former center of Progreso society is being boarded up by city officials, but the port city has yet to claim any abandoned properties deemed unsafe.

President asks for liberalization of Mexico’s marijuana laws

Congress will be asked to raise the limit on decriminalized marijuana and allow the use and importation of cannabis-based medication.

New water meters won’t tempt thieves

As many as 12,000 more water meters will be replaced, switching from bronze and copper to plastic, to deter future thefts.

High court opens door to gay adoption

The Supreme Court of Justice has overturned a 2013 law in Campeche forbidding adoption by same-sex couples.

Gay couple allowed to register baby

The child of a same-sex couple was recognized as their legitimate son in the Yucatán state civil registry, a historic first.

Gay marriage: Local battles, national victory

The 14th Circuit Appellate Court this week admitted a petition that reignites efforts to formally allow same-sex marriage in Yucatán.

Restaurants ask alcohol-ban exemption

The president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry asked to join other tourist zones and lift the ban on alcohol preceding election day.

La Ley Seca: Voting a sober affair in Mexico

Stock up now! Mexico restricts the sale of alcohol 24 hours before elections and all of election day, a law that dates to the Mexican Revolution.

Billboard crackdown continues in Mérida

City authorities are using social media to boast about a crackdown on illegal billboards that have been a blight on the city.

‘Historic’ reforms to moral code applauded

A series of amendments, passed unanimously, are designed to safeguard the rights of vulnerable minority groups such gay or transgender people in Mérida.

Mérida doubles down on derelict lots

The city is more strictly enforcing rules governing untended lots, imposing fines in 2014 double the amount it assessed the previous year.