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Mandatory benefits for domestic help under consideration

Paying social security benefits to domestic workers will be mandatory if the Supreme Court goes along with a proposal under consideration.

Court lets gay couple in Yucatan register their son

The Supreme Court unanimously allowed a gay male couple from Yucatan to register their 3-year-old child with their own last names.

Ban on plastic bags and straws in Mexico presented to lawmakers

A citizen initiative to ban single-use plastics in the country was formally presented to the Senate.

Mexico moves to legalize recreational marijuana

The new president isn't even in place yet, but a big liberalization of Mexico's marijuana laws is expected to be officially pursued Thursday.

Yucatán marriage equality bill is dead, for now

"Consensus could not be achieved" to pass a law formalizing gay marriage in Yucatán.

Yucatán’s governor sends marriage equality bill to legislature

With time quickly running out on his administration, Gov. Rolando Zapato Bello quietly sent lawmakers a bill to establish marriage equality in Yucatán.

Mexico election reminder: Alcohol ban begins midnight Friday

Yucatán's dry law mandates that alcohol sales are banned Friday at midnight until 11 a.m. Monday.

Parcels of turtles, iguanas seized at Mérida airport

Parcels containing three green iguanas and seven turtles were found and seized at the Mérida International Airport.

Police report decline in Centro graffiti

Commander Mario Arturo Romero Escalante credited intense police vigilance as he reported a drop in graffiti in the Centro Histórico.

Pro-marijuana demonstrators march under wary eye of police

Watched over by police armed with machine guns, pro-marijuana activists marched in the Centro on Saturday.

Feeding stray dogs is punished in Papalotla

People who feed stray dogs and do not adopt them are sanctioned with a fine of up to 4,000 pesos or jailed up to 36 hours in Papalotla, Estado de México.

Street vendors selling furniture accused of Illegal trafficking

About 50 street vendors, most of them from Chiapas, don't comply with Yucatán's strict regulations protecting forests from over-harvesting, a trade group's new president says.

Clearing sidewalk obstructions is a constant battle for city

Despite the fact that several city regulations forbid merchants from blocking pedestrians, almost every day the city sends nearly two dozen warning letters to violators.

U.S. judge tosses Yucatán’s lawsuit over 2010 BP oil disaster

A U.S. federal judge Tuesday tossed a lawsuit filed by Yucatán state in answer to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

AMPI denounces ‘pirate’ real estate agents preying on foreigners

Yucatan's real estate establishment denounced the operation of "pirate" real estate agents who have defrauded foreign home buyers. 

Mexico hailed for taking measures to protect 2 endangered species

UNESCO has recognized Mexico for its efforts protecting totoaba and the vaquita, two endangered species found only in the Gulf of California.

Loophole allows bloody lasso tournaments to continue

Activists last week presented a proposal to end a loophole that allows brutal rodeo-type tournaments in rural Yucatán, despite laws protecting animals. 

Living wills still new and relatively unknown in Yucatán

Living wills have been legal in Yucatán for nearly two years, but many people are unaware of them. Here are the basics, and where to get one.

Doctors must accept credit cards, court rules

The Supreme Court has instructed doctors, dentists, psychologists and nutritionists to accept credit and debit cards.

Warning to Mérida’s bump-out builders gets teeth

The city's warning against sidewalk-hogging homeowners will be easier to enforce.

Alternative lodging subject to health inspections starting Jan. 1

Reforms to state sanitation law compel the state health department to inspect hostels, timeshares, campgrounds, spare rooms and even shared rooms, starting Jan. 1.

Uber to operate freely as federal judge curbs state’s restrictions

An unexpected ruling from a federal judge questions the constitutionality of Yucatán's attempt to regulate Uber.

Delayed or canceled flights trigger 68 complaints in 1 month

Triple the complaints came from travelers whose flights at the Mérida airport were either delayed or canceled in the last 30 days.

Consumer protection agency on guard against tourist abuse

The tourist industry, from major airlines down to souvenir shops, are being monitored for irregularities.