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Half of all workers in Yucatan get stiffed when Christmas bonus...

In Yucatan, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), almost five out of 10 workers do not receive the Christmas bonus due them.

Merida beefs up law punishing street harassment

Harassing women in the street or on a bus can lead to 36 hours in the clink, under new laws starting today.

Yucatan prevails in border dispute as high court prevents land grab

Valladolid, Peto and other municipalities are still in Yucatan state.

Yucatan gas stations’ pumps shut down when liters come up short

Inspectors immobilized a pump that delivered 19 liters of gas when charging for 20, said Profeco.

Exotic birds seized from market stall at Lucas de Galvez

Federal authorities seized several cages housing exotic birds for sale at the Lucas de Galvez market.

Yucatan legislature again rejects law allowing same-sex marriage

Secret vote defies Mexico's Supreme Court ruling calling gay-marriage ban unconstitutional.

Proposal to punish parents who put kids on motorcycles is set...

Municipalities object to ban, so lawmaker goes back to the drawing board

Neighbor narcs on marijuana crop; field seized peacefully

Photo: Getty Merida, Yucatan — Military and police officers seized a marijuana garden Thursday after a neighbor complained...

Wedding shoot in Yucatan goes viral, gets cop fired

Accused of misusing public resources, a Tekax police commander has lost his job.

Law grants labor rights to housekeepers in Mexico

Domestic workers will get minimum wages, broad protections under upcoming law, but enforcement may be difficult.

Nextel loses class-action lawsuit for overcharging, poor service

Profeco, which accused the local unit of U.S. telecommunications giant AT&T of undue charges and poor service. The court agreed.

Plan for legal marijuana in Mexico delivered to Congress

The National Development Plan, delivered to Congress Tuesday by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, includes plans to decriminalize marijuana and other illegal drugs.

After Yucatan confrontation, national law advances to punish beach bullies

A U.S. couple walled off their beach property in Santa Clara, Yucatan, until they were pressured to take it down. Photo:...

Marriage equality defeated by Yucatan lawmakers

In a secret ballot, the plenary of the Yucatan state congress voted against a marriage equality bill that was forwarded by a committee Tuesday.

Committee gives green light for marriage equality in Yucatan

PAN remains holdout as measure heads to legislative session

Fines, prison possible for U.S. couple accused of illegally fencing off...

The Virginia couple that allegedly fenced off their beach property in Santa Clara, Yucatan, faces up to 12 years in prison and a 102,680-peso fine.

Noise laws by next week, says Merida mayor, echoing familiar promise

Long-promised noise regulations are coming to the Centro Historico next week, said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

Yucatan stalls on legalizing gay marriage

So far, Yucatan is the only Mexican state in the Peninsula that has not approved marriage between people of the same sex.

Penalties ramped up for harassment, road rage and public sex or...

Harassing women in public can result in up to 36 hours behind bars, while road rage can garner fines up to 2,500 pesos, under new reforms.

Yucatan legislator sorry for reeling in catch during fishing ban

A state legislator has issued a lengthy apology after a photo showed her fishing during a ban.

State regulators take note of teens’ Chuber app

After a pair of teenagers developed an app for passengers to hail a mototaxi, the state has stepped in to regulate it.

Anti-corruption office opens in Merida

A blue-and-white building on Avenida Aleman is where to go with corruption complaints in Yucatan. Photo: Canal 10

Gay Mexican couple is 1st to have U.S. marriage recognized by...

Daniel Berezowsky and Jaime Chávez Alor have become the first gay couple to have a marriage performed outside of Mexico recognized by Mexican law.

No referendum on gay marriage or abortion in Yucatan, says legislator

Same-sex marriage and abortion in Yucatan won't be put before the public the way the Mayan Train or Mexico City airport were, a state lawmaker said.