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Ball players locked out as Museum of Light construction begins

100-million-peso attraction will rise at northern tip of La Plancha.

Volunteers roll up sleeves, keep dream of a park alive at...

Groups of neighbors and members of several civil groups with picks, shovels, rakes, hoes and machetes on Saturday attacked the weeds and garbage at La Plancha.

Why Build a ‘Museum of Light’ in La Plancha?

Three proponents of a park at La Plancha are walking away. Here's why.

With new museum, Merida will be the City of Light

The Museo de la Luz will celebrate the scientific phenomena at La Plancha.

Steady progress on one end of La Plancha land as arts...

While the land set aside for a park remains barren, the old train station is expanding space for the arts school that it houses.

La Plancha leader fears 14 million pesos in funding will vanish

Federal money earmarked for trees, irrigation, lighting and sidewalks is in danger of being withdrawn, said the president of the Gran Parque La Plancha civic association.

Lack of progress at La Plancha concerns civic group

Thousands of steel and wooden railway ties are still buried where trees should be planted, neighbors complain.

More rain must fall before La Plancha planting begins

562 trees and 1,500 shrubs are waiting in the wings to reforest the old railroad yard destined to be the city's next large-scale park.

La Plancha artists look at the ‘Aesthetics of Tourism’

A look at tourism from the standpoint of culture, art and aesthetics will guide a colloquium organized by the Higher School of Arts of Yucatán at La Plancha.

Old trains finally cleared, making way for park at La Plancha

Several years after being ditched behind the historic railroad station, it took about a month to finally haul away 52 boxcars and 15 locomotives.

Neighbors agree to monitor progress as La Plancha clearing hits snag

Just over half of the 68 stranded freight cars and locomotives that littered La Plancha are still there, and progress has already stalled.

La Plancha area ripe for restaurants and shops, says business leader

The local Chamber of Commerce and Services of Mérida sees more than trees blooming at La Plancha.

End of an era at La Plancha; freight trains now go...

Last week was the end of the line for La Plancha's life as a maneuvering yard for trains.

Governor officially begins La Plancha park project

After years of campaigning and planning by neighbors, volunteers and academics, workers finally are clearing acres of flat, underused space in the Centro.

La Plancha neighbors were way ahead of everybody else in creating...

Three years ago, neighbors mobilized and planted 100 trees on the perimeter of La Plancha. All that work has paid off.

First day of work begins to transform La Plancha into a...

After years of debates, negotiation and planning, actual work begins today to convert the rail yards known as "La Plancha" into Gran Parque La Plancha.

Christmas Village a possibility at Gran Parque La Plancha

It could be beginning to look a lot like Christmas at La Plancha before the end of the year.

Rail cars to begin migration away from La Plancha

In a few weeks, much of the railway traffic chugging through Mérida will start heading out of town, to the new Center of Rail Operations in Umán.

Officials: Work on Mérida’s ‘Central Park’ to begin in January

Work begins in January on a 20-acre chunk of a future "Central Park."

Bike rental station benefits La Plancha park efforts

A  popup bike rental station started operating today at La Plancha, a project to benefit efforts to construct a park there.

Open letter: Tell the governor you support a great park at...

Here is a letter you, as an expat, can sign to support a Central Park-style green space in the Centro.

Q&A: Clarifying the status of the park at La Plancha

Several questions have arisen about the proposed park in La Plancha following the press conference held on June 29 by nonprofit Gran Parque La Plancha, A.C.  Jack Robinson, the non-profit's only expat board member, agreed to address them.

La Plancha group wants assurances on master plan

The Gran Parque la Plancha group fears the state has already sold off part of the 60-acre parcel that various groups and neighbors have envisioned as a new green space.

La Plancha master plan gets thumbs up

Gran Parque La Plancha's green concepts have been committed to paper, in the form of a master plan which has been released to the pubic.