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University of Miami building ‘smart city’ in Yucatán

The University of Miami’s School of Architecture will collaborate with the Yucatán Science and Technology Park to create ZenCiti, a “smart city” expected to revolutionize the IT world.

Sheraton, Marriott among 12 new hotels in pipeline

Twelve new hotels will rise across Mérida within the next few years, adding 1,600 rooms to the city's supply, according to tourism officials.

Hospitality is booming in Mérida

A second City Express Junior is quickly rising on the Periférico, bringing 106 more hotel rooms on seven floors when it opens in October.

Shiny new tower rising on the Prolongación

MID Center will rise along the Prolongación Montejo, towering over the Krispy Kreme donut shop, when construction begins this year.

Mérida welcomed into WTC inner circle

Another modernistic project is in the works, and this one has a globally famous name and the intention of cementing Mérida's place in international business.

4,000 new jobs expected this year

As several new commercial projects plod along to their completion, the state is counting how many jobs the new stores and factories will provide.

Mexico real estate a bright spot for investors

Mexico is coping with plummeting oil prices and the devaluation of the peso, but there are many reasons for investors to stick around. Real estate is expected to grow at a constant rate for the entire year.

All signs point to Celestún

Taking a car from Mérida to the beaches and reserves of Celestún will take just 45 minutes by 2017, newspapers announced today, putting the quaint fishing village on the radar of more people looking for beach-living options.

Mérida among Forbes’ top 3 for investment

For at least the third time, Forbes Magazine has named Mérida as one of the three best Mexican cities in which to live and invest.

Brewery building begins, bringing beer brands back

Montejo and León Negra beers, two beer created and historically produced in Yucatán, came a step closer to coming back home yesterday after a 14-year absence.

Via Montejo wins environmental approval

The old Yucatan Steel factory site appears little changed since an ambitious mixed-use complex was announced over a year ago, but the developer says the project is still moving ahead.

A plan to save the corner store

Coming in six weeks: 14 million pesos to provide independent shops with technological tools to help level the playing field against chain stores.

Plastics company pumps millions into region

The Reyma Group is investing 750 million pesos in Yucatán as they build a plant to produce disposable goods of all kinds.

Walmart’s expanding reach in Mérida

Walmart's reach expanded in Mérida in 2014. The latest branch of its Suburbia department store, soon to inhabit one of the Historic Center's grand structures, is the latest example of the company's growth.

Analyst: 2015 will be ripe for investment

Economic reforms will take time to smooth out, but 2015 will be a great year to invest in Mexico, and Yucatán, students were told yesterday.

La Plancha, Casa de la Trova advance

Two major transformations in Merida's center have become closer to reality, bringing new purpose to an old railroad yard and a soon-to-be-abandoned legislative building.

La Plancha forum invites New York City’s lead parks designer

As neighbors continue to work to convert the La Plancha into a green space, New York City's director of urban design joins the discussion.

State aid for aging market, zoo, convention center

Officials will divert over $170 million MX to the city of Merida for projects including the public markets, the zoo and the convention center.