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Hurricane Nana expected to strike south of Yucatan Peninsula

NOAA The 14 named storm of the season, Nana formed in the Caribbean, the National Hurricane Center reported...

Hurricane Nana next? Storm season approaches its peak

A Special Tropical Weather Outlook has been issued for the wave in the southeast Caribbean Sea to raise the chance of...

Tropical Storm Marco blows toward Yucatan Peninsula; ports closed

Tropical Storm Marco’s path as of 4 a.m. Saturday, as predicted by the National Hurricane Center. Tropical Storm...

Hurricane watch for Yucatan Peninsula as Marco takes shape

Two tropical depressions could be making U.S. landfall at about the same time. One will slice through the Yucatan Peninsula. Graphic:...

Powerful storm with hurricane potential heads to Yucatan Peninsula

Tropical Depression 14 has formed in the Caribbean Sea and is expected to first impact parts of Central America and Yucatan...

Stormy late August, early September is predicted for Yucatan Peninsula

A tropical wave is headed toward the Yucatan Peninsula, bringing heavy rain and gusty winds by Tuesday...

Gonzalo likely to become a hurricane, but so far not a...

Tropical Storm Gonzalo weakened on Thursday, but could still rebound into the first hurricane of the Atlantic...

On Day 1 of hurricane season, already 3 named storms

Cristobal is forming over the Yucatan Peninsula. Photo: Meteorología Yucatán Monday marked the first day of the Atlantic...

Unstable weather expected in Yucatan as storm forms on Pacific coast

Unstable weather south of Guatemala could have repercussions for Yucatan this weekend. Photo: Meteored The probability of weekend...

A 2020 guide to preparing for hurricanes in Yucatan

A man was killed in Tekax when Hurricane Isidore passed over the Yucatan Peninsula in 2002. Photo: Getty

Arthur, Bertha and Cristobal will kick off a rough hurricane season,...

Multiple hurricanes swirled in the Atlantic at one point in 2018. Photo: NOAA Arthur, Bertha and Cristobal will...

Tropical Atlantic may be about to spring to life

AccuWeather graphic An uptick in tropical activity in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea could affect...

June hurricanes are rare, but not unheard of, in Yucatan

Although hurricane season technically started June 1, we have not seen a June hurricane in the past several decades.

Storm forecasters closely monitor Yucatan’s Gulf coast

Accuweather is watching the southern Gulf of Mexico for possible tropical storm development by June 1. Illustration: YEL / Getty Images

Thousands of shelters ready for Yucatan’s 2019 hurricane season

Yucatan has thousands of shelters ready for the worst. Photo: File Merida, Yucatan — More than 3,000 hurricane...

2018 Atlantic hurricane season comes to a close, thankfully

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season, which officially concludes on Friday, was more active than forecasters predicted.

Storm system headed toward Yucatán could become tropical cyclone

The odds continue to increase that a spinning weather system off the coast of Honduras will become a tropical cyclone within the next five days, weather forecasters say.

Updated: Storm Isaac dissipates overnight

Tropical Storm Isaac has the potential to strengthen to a hurricane while crossing the western Caribbean and entering the Gulf of Mexico next week, AccuWeather said today.

30 years later, we remember Hurricane Gilberto

On the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Gilberto, or "Gilbert" to English-speakers, we present the New York Times' coverage of the devastation. 

Invest 95L to brush by the Yucatán Peninsula while Isaac weakens

Invest 95L, a tropical weather system, has been hanging around the Yucatán Peninsula near Cancun, but is more of a worry for other regions.

All eyes on Isaac as it heads toward the Yucatán Peninsula

It's too early to know exactly where Tropical Storm Isaac is heading, although as of Tuesday morning it was still tracking west, toward the Caribbean, and then on to either the Yucatán Peninsula or Central America.

Preparing for the worst of Yucatán’s hurricane season

The peak of the hurricane season arrives in about four weeks, and foreign residents shouldn't be complacent. 

Storms force planes to reroute from Cancun to Mérida

Heavy rains, which threaten to develop into a subtropical or tropical storm this weekend, on Thursday triggered an Army response in Quintana Roo.

Hurricane season may be less active than first thought

Weather experts from Colorado State University are predicting an average hurricane season due to cooler waters in the Atlantic Ocean.