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Say ‘Hola’ to The Diplomat

Slide show: The Diplomat Boutique Hotel is one of Mérida's newest lodges, an oasis in bustling Santiago.

Villa Verde’s busy party-givers keep giving

The owners of the grand Villa Verde Mérida had their hands full already. Then came hosting duties for the White City Ball, and at the same time, the imminent launch of a second business.

School year looms, and Progreso is packed

Hotels near the beach are reporting 90 percent occupancy this weekend, the last gasp of a summer season that ends Monday when school begins.

Hotels lobby for hotel-zone convention center

The push continues for a new Merida convention center, one that downtown hotel guests can walk to.

Hotel zone workers face off in ‘Olympiad’

The first round of the IV Olympiad continued the tradition of a friendly competition between service workers in the Merida hotel zone.

Merida hotel occupancy at 85%

Hotels in Merida are gleefully reporting occupancy rates of 85 percent, with tourists staying two nights on average, signs that marketing campaigns promoting Yucatan are paying off.