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City closes off streets so neighbors can celebrate

For Christmas and the New Year, sometimes a house party isn't enough. Only a street party will do, and the city may agree.

Street vendors bring out the fireworks in time for holidays

In time for the holidays, fireworks sales started Friday in the Centro and other parts of the city.

Season of Sharing raises 414,000 pesos, collects 623 Christmas toys

The Season of Sharing raised 414,000 pesos that will be divided among several local beneficiaries, said Kimmy Suki, founder of Yucatán Giving Outreach A.C.

3rd Annual Toys for Joy party

Dinner, dancing and door prizes at a festive party that leaves hundreds of local kids with toys for Christmas.

Turkey production surges, keeping prices stable for the holidays

Turkey production has gone into overdrive for the holidays, keeping prices low for local consumers.

8,300 shoppers descend on shopping district each hour

Over the weekend, up to 8,300 people an hour arrived at Mérida's Historic Center to do their Christmas shopping, city police calculate.

Christmas light show brings magic to the Pasaje de la Revolución

A canopy of tiny lights has brought a soft, golden glow to the famous passageway across from the Plaza Grande.

A Christmas tradition continues: Longer hours for liquor sales

It's the gift that keeps on giving: Longer liquor store hours for the holidays.

In Yucatán, real Christmas trees rise in popularity

Locals are increasingly favoring real Christmas trees over the artificial variety, Sipse reports.

Revolution Day celebrated Monday with parade; traffic re-routed

Traffic will yield for Monday's huge parade celebrating the 107th anniversary of the start of the Mexican Revolution.

Thanksgiving entertaining advice from Jeremiah Tower

Thanksgiving is just way too formal, says Jeremiah Tower, Yucatán's most famous expat. Here's how he suggests loosening it up.

Christmas Village a possibility at Gran Parque La Plancha

It could be beginning to look a lot like Christmas at La Plancha before the end of the year.

Families add color to grave markers at city cemeteries

As the Day of the Dead approaches, cemeteries in Merida come alive.

Pasaje de la Revolución getting a facelift in time for Sept....

Work crews are busy restoring the Passage of the Revolution in time for celebrations in September, which is called the month of national holidays. 

Bee attack shuts down cemetery on Mother’s Day

At least 15 people were attacked by bees in the General Cemetery and Panteón Florido when they came to visit graves for Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day in Yucatán: Restaurants will be crowded

Today is Día de la Madre — Mother's Day — in Mexico. And it's a very big deal in this country.

Streets are peaceful for Good Friday

While the faithful observed Good Friday, the streets were noticeably quieter.

Alcohol sales extended for Easter Sunday

Alcohol sales in Mérida and Progreso will be allowed an extra three hours for the Easter Sunday holiday.

Mérida posts highest growth in Easter travel

The White City is growing in popularity among travelers on Easter break. Much more rapidly, in fact, than any other holiday destination in Mexico.

Easter holiday is big business at the beach

The Chamber of Commerce is predicting a busy Easter vacation period, especially along the Yucatán coast.

As Lent begins, watchdogs monitor seafood prices

Fish will cost up to 30 pesos more per kilogram, just as demand grows for Lent.

Fines await grinches who withheld Christmas bonuses

Companies that did not hand out Christmas bonuses last month face fines exceeding $400,000 pesos.

For Christmas at Caimede orphanage, songs and games

To the tune of Christmas carols, children and adolescents of the Caimede orphanage celebrated Christmas by dancing and exchanging messages of peace.

Christmas Eve service at St. Luke’s

A bilingual Christmas Eve service will be held at Casa de las Torres, C. 75 #503 x 62 y 64, Centro Read about St. Luke's Anglican Mission...