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Traffic doesn’t take a holiday in Merida’s Centro

A policeman directs traffic on Calle 54 and 47 during Noche Blanca in Merida. Photo: Lee Steele Merida,...

Paco de Maria helps usher in Merida’s Christmas season

Backed up with live Big Band music, popular performer Paco de Maria headlined Saturday night's Christmas tree lighting on the edge of the Paseo de Montejo.

Toys for Joy celebrates 4th year collecting gifts for area children

Yucatan Giving Outreach AC announced today that the last in the series of this year's Season of Sharing events is almost sold out.

Christmas ornaments start to appear on city streets

Some 2,000 Christmas decorations have started to appear on city streets, and city workers have their work cut out for them.

Recipe: Oyster dressing, Jeremiah Tower style

Legendary chef Jeremiah Tower (and expat living in Merida) was on New Orleans television recently to demonstrate a timely recipe.

Festival de las Ánimas: Here is Mérida’s 2018 lineup for Hanal...

The Festival de las Ánimas (Festival of Souls) 2018, which will be held from Oct. 24 to 31, celebrates Yucatán's unique take on the Day of the Dead.

Mérida marks Independence Day with a somber military parade

After a night of patriotic celebrations, locals and visitors today returned to the Plaza Grande Sunday morning for a civic military parade to mark Mexico's 208th year of independence.

Yucatán police get ready for Independence Day revelry across Mérida

While the public is celebrating Independence Day, the state Ministry of Public Security (SSP) will be watching closely.

Mérida’s streets to be adorned for Mexico’s Independence Day

The entire country is preparing for its traditional commemoration on Sept. 15, and the capital of Yucatán is no exception.

Crosses appear at construction sites for El Día de la Santa...

The workers place it there themselves, a tradition they have followed for years, believing it brings blessings that protect them.

For Labor Day, banks, English library closed, but shops and zoos...

It's business as usual for Labor Day on Tuesday at the zoos and some essential city agencies. 

Dia del Niño is all about the kids on April 30

Yucatecan families will indulge their children to the tune of between 600 and 1,000 pesos when they celebrate the Dia del Niño on Monday, April 30. 

Nearly a quarter million pack Yucatán’s beaches on Easter weekend

High temperatures and good weather lured an estimated 220,000 beachgoers to the coast over the Easter weekend. 

What’s closed, what’s open and who’s working on the Easter-week holidays

Today and Friday are bank holidays, and school is out, but not everyone gets the day off.

Banks, government offices close for Benito Juárez’s birthday

Banks, government offices and schools are closed Monday as Mexico remembers a reformer dedicated to democracy.

Flowers fall out of fashion among young lovers in Yucatán

As Valentine's Day approaches, flower merchants should be feeling the love. But times have changed.

Tamales compete with pizza and burgers for Día de la Candelaria

Tamale vendors reported slow sales on a day that should have been their strongest of the year.

Hotels collaborate on 2-kilometer-long Rosca de Reyes

For the 22nd consecutive year, bakers from six of the city's most iconic hotels put their culinary skills to the test Friday to create the southeast's largest Rosca de Reyes.

Keeping your dog calm when fireworks explode

The sound, and even smell, of fireworks can overwhelm your confused and startled pet. Here are some tips from a celebrity dog behaviorist on helping your pet cope.

Restaurants see increase in New Year’s Eve reservations

New Year's in Yucatán has traditionally been a time to stay home and celebrate with family and close friends. That tradition is being challenged.

Our 2018 Guide to New Year’s Eve in Yucatán is updated...

We surveyed area restaurants and resort destinations that have something special for New Year's Eve. We will continue to update the following list as we receive new information.

Bonus concert from Cuarteto Yucatán

The Dec. 28 Holiday Concert has sold out, so Cuarteto Yucatan has added an extra concert with the same program,

1.3 tons of contraband seized in fireworks crackdown

In the first week of a crackdown on illegal pyrotechnics, 1.3 tons of Chinese gunpowder products have been seized, authorities report.

Christmas celebration at Casa Hamaca

Join your neighbors for lechon, turkey, vegetarian mac'n'cheese.