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Judge orders historic house rebuilt

A federal judge has sided with historic preservationists in what has amounted to a landmark ruling for the state.

Cenote detected under Chichén Itzá

The discovery of a cenote under ancient Chichén Itzá was hailed an important find yesterday at a press conference held in Mexico City.

A facelift, fresh outlook for Palacio Cantón

The beautiful Palacio Cantón, home of the Regional Museum of Anthropology, is celebrating its 55 years with a facelift, as well as more dynamic programming.

Hidden arch reveals an older Uxmal

Archaeologists have found a hidden substructure in Uxmal, placing the Mayan city further back in history than previously thought.

Whatever ever happened to the Yucatan divorce?

Back in the 1930s, travelers used to fly to Yucatan for something other than retirement. Yucatan was a divorce mill before Reno was.