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Sunken Mayan slave ship found off Sisal coast

A detail of the iron skylight from the bow area of the Mayan slave ship "La Union," which was found off...

Restoration of historic Progreso Casino is funded and approved

The city of Progreso is planning a renovation of its “Casino,” abandoned for 25 years. Photo: Courtesy Progreso...

Merida’s pink jewel, El Pinar, is up for sale for $US7...

Merida, Yucatan — El Pinar, one of the city's most Instagrammed homes, might not become a reception hall...

Centro’s 3 most historic theaters endangered when income drops to zero

Click here for With his B&B business on hold, a baker takesoff his shirt and makes English muffins 

One of Merida’s twin mansions is up for sale

One of Las Casas Cámara, better known as the Casas Gemelas (Twin Houses), can be yours for a cool US$18 million.

Pasaje Picheta, after 19 months of renovations, due to open this...

The Pasaje Picheta may reopen sometime this month after a reconstruction project that began in December 2017.

Exhibit on daily life in 18th- and 19th-century Yucatan

Photos and rare documents relating to daily life in Yucatan in the 18th and 19th century are on view in an exhibition that opens...

Mexico demands apology from Spain, Vatican over injustices to indigenous people

AMLO has demanded Spanish King Felipe VI and Pope Francis apologize for historical abuses of colonialism and the conquest of Mexico.

MEL Lecture: Zavala the Yucatecan VP of Texas

Learn about a so-called traitor to his homeland who supported Texas independence.

How Mexico built Cancun from scratch

When deciding to build a brand new resort city from the ground up, the federal government just didn't happen upon Cancun.

How generations of Lebanese families have shaped the Centro

Since their arrival in Merida, Lebanese migrants saw trade as the way to forge their future in...

1600s relic barely noticed in alleyway between church, market

A priceless artifact, barely in public view, sits almost lost between overhangs and cables, embedded in the north wall of Santiago church.

Oldest house in all Mexico restored by experts

MEXICO CITY — A plain, nondescript structure sat hidden in plain sight for hundreds of years behind street vendors and pedestrians. Now, experts have...

Mérida’s oldest Christian chapel remains padlocked and decaying

The city's oldest temple was also part of the city's first hospital, and until 11 years ago, the home of the City Museum.

The casonas of Avenida Colón

A tour of Avenida Colón, the backbone of the García Ginerés neighborhood.

Google Doodle celebrates Cantinflas on his birthday

The attention given the late celebrity is reminder of a different time in Mexico-US relations, when a Mexican star would appear at the side of an American leader who relied on him to secure votes.

Yucatecan library unlocks files on historic 1906 visit by Porfirio Díaz

Twenty-five original photos, letters and other documents from Porfirio Díaz's 1906 presidential trip to Mérida will be on display at the Biblioteca Yucatanense.

Jorge Rosado to discuss Mejorada neighborhood, past and present

Jorge Rosado will speak Wednesday about the history of La Mejorada, one of Mérida's overlooked neighborhoods that has the promise of coming alive with the approach of Gran Parque La Plancha.

Google honors Yucatecan feminist hero on her birthday

A Yucatecan feminist from the early women's rights movement was honored with a Google Doodle.

Editorial: City prefers demolition over preservation

The city failed in its bid to be a world heritage site after 20 years of facade rescues, which is evidence of a lack of resolve to preserve our history, says La Jornada Maya.

Power cut to neighbors as crews try to save portion of...

Electrical, telephone and cable lines were cut temporarily to the neighborhood as officials began to demolish an old mansion that partially collapsed into the street.

10 incredible facts about Yucatán

We love Yucatán, and you love Yucatán. But if your friends are like ours, some of them need a simple list to understand what drives our passion for this peninsula. Here it is.

Petition blasts newsstands at historic sites

With yet another newsstand popping up in front of another historic building, someone has started a campaign against kiosks facing the Plaza Grande.

New restorations begin at Casa de Montejo

Historic Casa de Montejo is getting another facelift. Its ornate facade will be cleared of cables, lamps and 15 years' worth of dust, grime and bird droppings.