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The best seat in Mexico: Sectionals with performance fabric

Many people prefer to purchase a sectional instead of a sofa for their home in Mexico.

Don’t be tempted by cheap sofas that look good in the...

Consumers are stuck after they bought a sofa based on its look rather than its construction.

Know fabric basics when choosing a sofa for humid Yucatan

How do you know when the upholstery is durable enough? Ay, there's the rub!

Can you hang wallpaper in humid Mexico?

We might be wrong to automatically assume that only paint and plaster are appropriate in Yucatan.

Caring for and cleaning up your outdoor furniture

Regular maintenance does not have to be a huge task

Furniture and décor trends to watch out for in 2019

Cavern Clay is Sherwin-Williams' color of the year, and we expect this hue to make its way to Mexico. Photo: Courtesy

Tying together our condo in Mexico so it can sell at...

Photo: Courtesy For those of you following my column, we have been remodeling a beautiful condo on the...

An unexpected challenge at the condo renovation site

We are in the middle of a massive remodel of a beautiful condo. This three-bedroom, water-view home was built and furnished in 2008. Our goal...

Adios hacienda style, hola Mexican coastal décor

Over the next few weeks, we will be transforming their rental home – taking it from traditional Mexican style décor to a posh, yet fun beach condo.

The ‘fast furniture’ trend is bad news for Mexico’s homeowners

The generation with the most spending power is driving a furniture trend that homeowners in Mexico will do well to avoid.

Instead of spraying fabric to protect it, choose the right fabric...

If you had asked me 10 years ago how to keep your sofa or sectional stain free for as long as possible, I would have told you to coat it with a fabric spray. At that time, I did not know that there was a far better solution new to the market.

Biggest mistakes people make furnishing their home in Mexico, Part 3

Be realistic about shipping and delivery time frames, for one thing.

More mistakes you should avoid when furnishing your home in Mexico

Let's continue with some other mistakes that, when avoided, will save you headaches and hassle.

2 of the biggest mistakes people make furnishing a home in...

"You get what you pay for" is as valid in Mexico as it is everywhere else.

Don’t sweep this under the …

Most floors in Mexico are marble or tile. Although practical and beautiful, they tend to be hard and cold. A rug will warm up any space.

Eco-friendly (and economical) furniture perfect for Mexico

Consumers are becoming more discerning and now look for items that are made with materials that are friendly to the environment and ethically made.

Creating the ultimate Mexico-style home

One of the reasons people prefer this style is because they love the vibe and vitality of Mexico.

How to achieve the ultimate coastal-style home

This is one of the fastest growing and most popular décor styles, whether you live on the ocean or just want to evoke the feel of the seaside.

Buying leather furniture that stands up to the humidity

Is leather a smart choice for your sofa or sectional in Yucatán, or any hot and humid part of Mexico?

The perils of last-minute furniture shopping

The hardest way to furnish a new home is to wait until it is completed and then fly here for one frantic week where you try to buy everything, get it all delivered and set up.

Curators help figure out furnishings in Mexico

It's so much easier to furnish your home here or anywhere with new resources available to homeowners.

What’s with that cement furniture in Mexico?

If you have been looking around to purchase an older home in Mexico, you most likely have seen built-in sofa and bed bases made from concrete or cement. The public appears split on their appeal. 

Budget furniture filler: From the dangerous to the untested

Cushions filled with polyfoam can get lumpy, but that's just the beginning of its disadvantages.

Inside your sofa: The pros and cons of foam or feathers

When investing in a home in Mexico, a large chunk of the furniture budget always goes toward a sofa or sectional.