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Lose weight in a rocking chair

Photo: Courtesy If you think I am pulling your leg, read on! You can lose weight by rocking...

Working from home comfortably and safely means choosing the right chair

Back pain from wrong way to sit at work. It appears that many of us may be working from...

Finding good furniture has gotten easier in Mexico

Years ago, there were not many options in Mexico when it came to finding furniture.

Selecting a sofa when furnishing your home in Mexico

Planning a new living room? Begin with the sofa.

Parota wood or fiberboard? The answer is complicated

Most people in Mexico will tell you to get your dining room and bedroom furniture made with parota wood and stay clear of fiberboards. But is it true?

Put your feet up and read about our favorite piece of...

Photo: Contributed Ah, the ottoman. It is a favorite piece of furniture that helps you kick back, relax...

To spray or not to spray your furniture? It’s no longer...

Nothing takes a beating in your home in Mexico like your upholstered furniture. But is Scotchgard still the best protection?

The magnet test, and other ways to find the right grill...

It's essential, and not so difficult, to find a barbecue grill that lasts and fits the needs of your home in Mexico.

How to make your home look like it belongs in a...

Photo: Courtesy We often see beautiful pictures of spaces in high-end decorator magazines. For many, the cost of...

Mexico mid-century modern design: the Acapulco chair

Many owners of a home in Mexico are furnishing their vacation, retirement or rental properties in mid-century...

The best sofa in Mexico for Fido and Puff

Photo: Courtesy Before we got our fur baby, we thought we would never allow them on the sofa...

Made in the shade: Awnings pay off in numerous ways

As it gets hotter and more humid here in Mexico, we get more requests for solutions that help keep things cooler.

When is the best time to buy furniture in Mexico?

You might have to wait for El Buen Fin in November to get outdoor furniture on sale. Photo: Courtesy

Save money and be safe with modern window tinting

As we approach the hottest part of the year, it's time to think about how the intense and direct rays of the sun negatively impacts us.

Comparing mod, coastal and natural decor in Mexico income properties

Here are some tips to help you design the quintessential relaxing bedroom that will have renters drooling to stay at your place.

A warning about wood furniture in Mexico

Many expats buying wood furniture for their new homes in Mexico are not necessarily familiar with the different environment and vendors here.

The good-sleep checklist you need before furnishing your bedroom

Photo: Courtesy When furnishing a new home in Mexico for clients, I have a checklist that helps create...

Even in sunny Mexico, choosing the right lighting is crucial

Learn about the types of lighting to accomplish the appropriate task. Photo: Courtesy Lighting is one of the most...

Humble plastic is suddenly a high-end option for outdoor furniture

Two years ago, I would not have considered plastic for a high-end home. What changed?

‘Shabby chic’ vacation homes in Mexico: How to achieve the look

Shabby chic styles can still look upscale. Photo: Courtesy Most people who own vacation or retirement homes in...

How to make your bedroom a luxurious escape

It doesn't take thousands of dollars to make a bedroom in your home in Mexico a luxurious getaway.

Restoring glass to its original luster after Mexico’s hard water takes...

Glass panels take a beating from hard water in Mexico. Photo: Courtesy I don't know about you, but...

Food for thought before buying a new dining room set

We could up all the hours spent there eating, doing bills and even sleeping.

Do you have a rental property? A checklist for the landlord.

Little things mean a lot when you want good reviews online, and repeat guests.