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Taste of Merida 2019

A fundraiser for Fundacion BAI AC, A Taste of Merida returns to Hacienda Santa Cruz.

10th Showcase of Homes reveals the creativity in Mérida’s Centro Histórico

The fusion between the modern and the antique, and colonial and eclectic, were on full public view at one of Fundación BAI's most anticipated fundraisers.

Fundación BAI 10th Showcase of Homes

A look inside at seven standout private homes in Mérida’s Centro.

Mérida’s Showcase of Homes returns for its 10th tour

A rare chance to poke through some of the Centro's best-looking homes returns for a 10th time when Fundación BAI's Showcase of Homes begins its big fundraiser in November.

De Canadá con Amor, y Dolor, y Muerte

The name of the concert translates to "From Canada with Love, and Pain, and Death." This sumptuous night of opera is the second of...

De Canadá con Amor!

Fundación BAI A.C. presents a two-part benefit concert series featuring four up-and-coming Canadian artists.

‘From Canada With Love’: A talk with the concerts’ performers

We were so intrigued by the concerts, “From Canada with Love” and “From Canada with Love, and Pain, and Death” we had to ask one of the performers to fill us in with some background.

Elegant food-and-wine evening raises 300,000 pesos for BAI

After month of careful preparation and planning, Fundacíon BAI raised 300,000 pesos in one elegant evening of food and wine.

Taste of Mérida fundraiser

Fundación BAI's annual spring fundraiser, A Taste of Mérida, is at Hacienda Santa Cruz this year.

Taste of Mérida returns to support Fundación BAI’s critical mission

For Fundación BAI, in its 11th year a key social player in the city, a lot rides on its annual Taste of Mérida fundraiser.

Fundación BAI 9th Showcase of Homes

A look inside at seven standout private homes in Mérida's Centro.

Interior designers’ Mérida projects revealed in BAI’s 9th Showcase of Homes

Two interior designers' homes, part of this year's Showcase of Homes tour, exhibit contrasting responses to living in the tropics.

International Women’s Day a time for action

On International Women's Day, Fundacíon BAI took action alongside ally organizations and the City of Merida.

170 learn their HIV status after free testing in Plaza Grande

On World Condom Day 2017 last week, Fundación BAI did the thing they do best: Administer free HIV tests and educate the public about safe sex.

‘Silent Prey’ at City Museum

Melva Medina and her daughter Aura Meztli, from Nahuali Gallery, are featured in a moving exhibition of sculptures and artwork that examine the silent...

World AIDS Day: Vigil, bike ride and a lighting at the...

Join Fundación BAI in new initiatives in remembrance of those we have lost to AIDS.

Video: The Showcase of Homes’ most modern casa

The 8th Showcase of Homes was a huge hit, bringing together examples of old Yucatán and modern Mérida into one self-guided tour.

BAI’s 8th Showcase of Homes

A unique opportunity to see behind the facades of seven glorious architect-designed grand homes in the historic heart of Mérida.

BAI Showcases the Mayan Modernist Dream Home

We were excited to meet Ed and Chris, two relatively new Centro residents who have opened their doors 8th Showcase of Homes.

Stained glass shines in this Showcase showstopper

The Palomeque family compound is the grand dame of Fundacíon BAI's Showcase of Homes this year. A talk with the 80-year-old owner, whose father built it.

Video: BAI Medical Student Volunteers at work and on the scene

So what exactly do Fundacion BAI's Medical Student Volunteers do? This video brings the answer into focus.

Feast your eyes on BAI’s Noche Mexicana fundraiser

Perhaps the most colorful and beautifully executed party was at Hacienda Santa Cruz, where Fundación BAI hosted an elaborate, sold-old event.

SOLD OUT: Noche Mexicana at Hacienda Santa Cruz

Hacienda Santa Cruz will be the setting for a fundraising event to benefit Fundación BAI on Sept. 15, the eve of Mexican Independence Day.

Meet BAI’s fabulous teen ‘health leaders’

Fundación BAI’s much-respected peer-to-peer education program features seven teen “health leaders,” age 14 to 16, who are key in passing on the healthy message to their fellow teenagers in Yucatán.