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Annual FILEY book fair

More than 1,200 literary events packed into a week in two adjacent venues.

Massive book fair returns, bringing authors and readers together in Merida

The annual FILEY book fair will offer more than 1,200 literary activities when it begins March 16 at the Siglo XXI Convention Center.

In Mérida, 40 cast early ballots for Russian election

Early voting in the Russian presidential election over the weekend included 40 votes cast in Mérida.

‘Like Water for Chocolate’ author to speak at FILEY

Fans of "Like Water for Chocolate," the bittersweet 1989 novel of love and misunderstandings that saw its film adaptation in 1992, will have yet another reason to attend the FILEY book fair this year.

FILEY book fair: Expat panel

For the first time, English-language authors residing in Mérida will also present their works at the FILEY book fair.

FILEY has become one of Mexico’s ‘urban traditions’

The massive nine-day book fair, expected to exceed its projected 100,000 visitors, has grown to become one of Mexico's "urban traditions."

Book fair returns with English-language authors

For the first time, the FILEY book fair will feature a bilingual panel of three English-language writers from Mérida's expat community.

FILEY: Juan Villoro accepts literature prize

Mexican writer Juan Villoro praised the political value of art “amid the horror” and impunity in Mexico while accepting the 2016 Jose Emilio Pacheco Excellence in Letters Prize at FILEY, the 5th Yucatan International Book Fair.