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Everything is sunnier at a children’s shelter thanks to Bulldog Solar

Their faces filtered to protect their privacy, youngsters at Fundación Emanuel de Mérida A.C., a children’s shelter, are entertained by crew...

After 46 years, sister cities Erie and Mérida maintain a bond

The relationship between the Catholic Diocese of Erie, Pa., and the Archdiocese of the Yucatán is "far from dormant," reports the Erie Reader.

Summer vacation nears for half a million school children

More than half a million kids in public and private schools are getting ready for their well-earned summer break.

Kids compete to enter national robotics fair

More than 100 children and adolescents from Yucatán test their knowledge today at the Third Regional Robotics Fair.

Yucatan pioneers international adoptions

Yucatan is the first state in the country to formally boost international adoptions as public and private agencies work to find homes for disabled children.