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Chicxulub Puerto petitions to split from Progreso

Paperwork has been filed to make the port town where the famous crater gets its name its own independent municipality.

Muelle Market — Bazar del Muelle

Over 30 crafts and food vendors in Chicxulub, on the first and third Thursday of each month, December through March.

Federal help asked to stop construction in protected mangrove zone

Illegal construction in Chicxulub Puerto's mangrove areas has the mayor asking for federal assistance to stop it.

Chicxulub Crater museum months behind schedule

Too few people appreciate how the Chicxulub Crater impact changed the world, a prominent scientist says.

Results from Chicxulub Crater drilling expedition shared

Around 60 researchers from more than 20 countries today return to Yucatán to announce what they found when they drilled off the coast of Sisal and Progreso in 2016.

Developer clears dunes and vegetation at Chicxulub, Profepa reports

After 1,200 square meters of coastal dune vegetation was removed, environmental authorities bypassed barbed-wire fences to shut down a construction site. 

Aquarium in Progreso among big ideas proposed to candadates

An aquarium in Progreso and an entertainment-hotel complex somewhere on the coast were among the tourist-building ideas presented to four gubernatorial candidates.

Profepa shuts down dump site on Chicxulub coastline

Local agents from Profepa, the federal environmental agency, stopped workers from dumping rubble onto coastal wetland.

Muelle Market in Chicxulub

An indoor market with over 30 unique art and food vendors.

Entangled in lobster traps, 500-lb. sea turtle suffocates

A giant leatherback sea turtle found dead on a beach at Chicxulub Puerto had suffocated after she got entangled in lobster traps.

Highly anticipated new game is set at Chicxulub crater

It looks like GTFO, the creepy action/horror game unveiled at the Game Awards, will be set in the Chicxulub Crater.

Residents see little gain from famous Chicxulub Crater

One of the most well-known natural features on the peninsula is associated with this small fishing village. But its existence is barely perceptible, and residents complain they gain little out of their town's place in history.

Delta, Habitat for Humanity build in Chicxulub

Delta Air Lines is celebrating its 12th Global Build with Habitat for Humanity International by helping build six homes in Chicxulub. Sixty-six volunteers will participate.