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Pay phones pushed aside in the Centro

To promote urban mobility and improve the aesthetics of Centro Histórico, the City of Mérida has ordered the Municipal Police to begin removing pay phones from public sidewalks.

Plan revived to ban Centro Histórico traffic

An old idea has resurfaced once again with Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal floating the concept of banning traffic in the heart of the Centro Histórico.

Petition blasts newsstands at historic sites

With yet another newsstand popping up in front of another historic building, someone has started a campaign against kiosks facing the Plaza Grande.

Fewer vendors crowding city sidewalks

The number of sidewalk vendors in the city center has fallen by 70 percent, and organized flea markets are said to be the reason.

INAH to target 50 ‘rescue’ projects

At least 50 historical buildings and facades in the historic center will be restored in 2016, the city council announced.

Interview: A fresh take on tropical furniture

Cuau Solis dangled a little chair over Calle 55's sidewalk and Mérida's creative scene hasn't been the same since.

Birds lead the way to Cúpula debut

Those mysterious stenciled birds have now revealed their purpose. They have been teasing the formation of the Centro Cultural la Cúpula, which debuts to the public on Thursday, Dec. 16.

After Castro visit, tourism with Havana?

Among the possible outcomes of Castro's visit to Mérida is a long-sought multi-destination tourist link between Havana and Yucatán.

Castro arrives tonight; expect closures

The Plaza Grande, presidential palace and many streets will be closed as Cuban President Raul Castro begins his visit to Merida today.

7 more Showcase showstoppers coming

The Showcase of Homes kicks off Mérida's high season once again as hundreds of people criss-cross the Centro to tour seven private abodes that represent the best in architecture and décor.

18 hot spots to visit in Mérida

A national arts and entertainment site called Arca has listed 18 Mérida hot spots, and we know how these kinds of lists spark debate. Did Arca get it right?

Newsstand mars view of Cathedral

Stand in front of Mérida's iconic Cathedral today and it's hard to miss something partially blocking it: a big black newsstand.

Back-to-school shoppers clog streets

About 500,000 students return to school Monday and families are overwhelming the historic center to buy everything a student would need to return class.

Hidalgo Park artists itching to expand

Every Thursday, the Hidalgo Park Collective sets up shop, offering their beautiful artworks in the open air. To them, it's just the beginning.

Pola Gelato Shop’s world of flavors

The colors and flavors of Santa Lucia got a little creamier when Pola Gelato Shop's four owners opened their doors recently. A Q&A was in order...

A plan to save the corner store

Coming in six weeks: 14 million pesos to provide independent shops with technological tools to help level the playing field against chain stores.

Facade rescue program in 20th year

By the end of the present administration, the city of Mérida will have accomplished 144 facade rescues in the historic center.

Trova cultural center will be all new

The state legislative building has been an odd duck among historic gems. In its place, the Plaza de la Trova cultural center will fit in with its neighbors.

Juan Pablo Bavio’s soulful airport exhibit

Argentine painter Juan Pablo Bavio presents a 12-piece exhibit, "Wrinkles of the Soul," which will be exhibited for a month at the Mérida airport.

Mayor tours mall built for street vendors

Officials has been trying to peacefully lure the Mérida historic district's street vendors indoors. Here is a look at the marketplace under construction.

Inside Fundación de Artistas’ dream world

A creative group saw potential in an old casona in Santa Lucia and ran with it. We spoke to Indira Londoño, director of the fledgling gallery that emerged.

Chamber raffle for Centro shoppers

Shop in the Centro Histórico, win a car. That's the tantalizing possibility with a Chamber of Commerce raffle.

Daycare center offered to street vendors

The relocation of street vendors in the historic center involves the opening of a casona-style house for 70 vendors — and daycare for 65 kids.

#citylikeMID: Mérida from all angles

Smartphones in hand, several creative people collaborate on a single online art project that depicts Mérida as broodingly beautiful and vaguely unsettling.