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El Nuevo Carnaval de Merida 2019

Carnaval begins Feb. 27 and lasts until March 5 at the fairgrounds. Lots of activities are planned.  Admission is free, but not parking.

Huge headliner Juanes returns for Merida’s ‘Nuevo Carnaval’

International pop star Juanes, who rocked Merida Fest in 2011, returns for the "Nuevo Carnaval" this year.

A new, improved Carnaval is promised in Merida

Brenda Nabetse Cruz Euan and Oscar Rodrigo Chan Sierra, King and Queen of Merida's Carnaval 2019. Photo: Courtesy

Tourism council: Carnaval can’t return to Paseo de Montejo

The Paseo de Montejo doesn't have the capacity to absorb annual Carnaval festivities, the outgoing president of the local tourism business council said.

Mérida Carnaval divides mayoral candidates

Annual Carnaval celebrations moved from the Centro to distant fairgrounds in 2014, but the debate on its location rages on.

Progreso Carnaval marred by drunken brawls, drugs and arrests

A series of Progreso Carnaval low points included a drunken woman removing her own clothes on a DJ stage, a battle of flying beer bottles and several street fights. 

Progreso Carnaval: 25 tons of garbage removed before cruise ship arrives

Unlike Mérida, the port city still celebrates Carnaval within city limits, with a parade along the malecón and concerts on west beach. Managing it is complicated.

Tourism has benefited by kicking Carnaval out of the Centro, says...

Does Carnaval belong in the city center, or out of town? The debate continues.

Carnaval parade brings music, lights and dancing to the fairgrounds

A colorful parade brought fantasy, dancing and music to Plaza Carnaval at the Xmatkuil fairgrounds. 

Carnaval parade at Xmaktuil

The Paseo de Corso — the highlight of the Carnaval de Mérida 2018.

Carnaval Children’s Parade

One of the more charming aspects of Carnaval is still in the Centro.

Carnaval organizers get fairgrounds ready for events

Plaza Carnaval has been whipped into shape, in time for numerous big events that organizers hope are worth the trip.

Carnaval at Progreso rivals the main events at Xmatkuil

More than 80,000 people crowded Progreso's malecón as Carnaval began counting down the the final days of celebration.

Carnaval Dark Angels, The Black Party

The White City Ball has been such a success at Villa Verde, the owners decided to switch things up a little. Presenting Carnaval Dark...

For Carnaval, Children’s Parade remains in Centro

Not all of Carnaval has moved to the fairgrounds. The charming Desfile Infantil, the Children's Parade remains in the heart of downtown.

Carnaval de Mérida

Carnaval in Mérida opens Wednesday, Feb. 22 with the Burning of the Bad Humors at the Centro de Espectaculos Carta Clara.

A big push to get people to Carnaval

Organizers of this year's Carnaval, again being held far from the city center, are expanding effort to encourage people to make the effort to attend.