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Carib settlers traveled from Yucatan Peninsula, archaeological study suggests

The Yucatan Peninsula has a key role in how the Caribbean islands were settled, reports Live Science.

El Niño may prolong sargasso tides into next year

Contradicting predictions that sargassum will abate by December, the president of the Ocean Network in Mexico warned that the crisis will last into the beginning of 2019.

Profepa stops hotel from building on sea turtle nesting site

Environmental authorities have denied permits for a proposed hotel near one of Mexico's most important sea turtle nesting beaches on the Yucatán's Caribbean shore.

18-meter-long fin whale rescued off Q. Roo coast

An 18-meter-long/60-foot-long fin whale was rescued after being found stranded off this tiny island off the Yum Balam preserve.

Sargassum torments beachgoers far beyond Riviera Maya

Sargassum, which has hit not only the Peninsula's Caribbean coast but also beaches from Texas to the Carolinas, is worse than ever this year.

Protecting Caribbean culture while cultivating tourism — topic at La Plancha summit

How does society protect local culture while welcoming more tourists? Around 130 researchers and academics from Mexico and the Caribbean are comparing notes on that quandary.