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Report: Cancun is world’s most tourist-dependent city

The largest tourist-centered city isn't Paris or New York, according to a World Tourism and Travel Council report.

Stowaway iguana in Cancun hides in bikini top, ends up in...

A Foster City, Calif., woman found a surprise souvenir after returning home from a vacation in Cancun.

Crackdown aimed at whale shark tour boats

Inspecting 53 boats that lead tourists to whale sharks, federal authorities suspended five of them.

U.S. airlines compete to bring vacationers to Cancun

Airlines appear to be tripping over each other to connect U.S. travelers to Cancun.

2 Americans released on bond after bringing weapons into Cancun

Two members of a Georgia sheriff's office were released late Saturday after Mexican authorities detained them for weapons possession in Cancun two nights before.

Despite Cancun violence, U.S. warning favors Peninsula resorts over other Mexican...

The U.S. State Department's latest travel warning suggests that Cancun is safer than the Pacific Coast.

Officials hold off on 5th terminal at Cancun airport

A fifth terminal at the Cancun International Airport won't happen until Terminal 4 expands.

U.S. airlines waver on flights to Mexico beach destinations

International tourism in Mexico is still growing well beyond industry averages, but some airlines are reducing flights to the Riviera Maya and other beach resort areas, citing decreased demand and rising competition.

Another expansion announced at Cancun airport

Yet another addition, this one called Terminal 5, has been announced at the Cancun International Airport.

Cancun-Palenque tourist train generates concerns and hopes

When a newly elected Morena-party senator announced a huge tourist project linking sun-and-fun destinations with more cultural sites by rail, reaction was varied.

AMLO’s promised bullet train to cost 100 billion pesos

A senator-elect for Quintana Roo announced a new bullet train will begin construction in 2019 and be fully completed six years later.

Armed men on jet skis take Cancun violence to a new...

Gunmen on jet skis shot at a beach vendor at the Riu Palace in Cancun, an unprecedented encroachment of violence into the hotel zone.

Uber suspends service in Cancun after 15 rough months

After 15 months of operating in defiance of state law, Uber announced that it will suspend activities at 9 a.m. today as a "gesture of collaboration."

Quintana Roo beats China in economic growth

Thanks to strong tourist activity, Quintana Roo grew faster than China in 2016 and recorded the second-best economic growth in Mexico.

Fact-checkers quickly snuff out fake story about Cancun beach

A spoof news site Mas Viral No Hay, or “There Is None More Viral,” wants an alarmist story they published about Cancun to be shared.

Uber could leave Cancun if cash payments are banned

Uber is threatening to leave Cancun's growing resort market if proposed rules governing the ride-hailing service go through.

Nice job if you can get it: $10,000 a month to...

More than a few applicants will likely be competing to be Cancun.com's "Cancun Experience Officer."

Cancun airport is Mexico’s 2nd busiest with Terminal 4

President Enrique Peña Nieto presided over Tuesday's inaugural ceremony at the Cancun International Airport.

Terminal 4 about to open at Cancun airport

The Cancun airport's fourth terminal, which is about to officially open, follows the completion of Terminal 3 in 2016.

Tainted alcohol suspected at resorts, but tracking cases is difficult

Reports of tainted, bootleg liquor at all-inclusive resorts on the Riviera Maya will not result in a travel warning from the U.S. Consulate, which does not have “sufficient information." Tracking down details has been difficult for many reasons.

Parents, premature baby are home after U.S. officials confront Cancun hospital

A newborn baby is home in  the United States after U.S. officials intervened in what they call a two-day-long billing dispute.

Family: Cancun hospital won’t release newborn until $30,000 bill is paid

An American tourist who gave birth prematurely in Cancun is unable to bring her baby home until an exorbitant hospital bill is paid, according to news reports in Indiana.

Mexico: Wealthy nations need to help others cut disaster risk

With hurricane season looming on the horizon, President Enrique Peña Nieto addressed a U.N. conference, urging wealthy countries to help poorer ones limit their exposure to natural hazards.

Guests freed after Cancun hotel holds them ‘hostage’

Over 550 guests are free after a hotel here tried to block their departure over some hefty charges in dispute.