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Ban horse-drawn carriages in Mérida, mayoral candidate demands

One of the major-party candidates for mayor is turning the city's iconic horse-drawn carriages into a campaign issue.

Cash shortage means empty food bowls at Evolución, unless donors save...

Evolución volunteers are down to their last centavo, and it doesn't really take a huge donation to fix this.

Protestors want animal sanctuary to replace Mérida’s inadequate city kennels

Animal advocates are asking the city to replace the municipal kennel with a shelter where stray dogs can find sanctuary until they are adopted.

Bengal tiger, kept as pet, sent to zoo after neighbors complain

Authorities have seized two wild animals that were being kept as pets in a private home.

Caged spider monkey found living in restaurant-bar’s kitchen

A spider monkey caged in a Mérida restaurant-bar was rescued by Profepa, said the federal environmental agency.

Good news for the jaguar population in Mexico

Encouraging statistics are coming from the second National Jaguar Census, which will be completed and released later this year.

Dog kicked by runner in viral video has been found and...

A friendly dog that found herself on the wrong end of a running shoe has been found.

A year after rabies scare, Progreso sets up free vaccination sites

Nearly a year after rabies caused an uproar, an ambitious anti-rabies vaccination campaign for dogs and cats was announced in the port city.

Activists jump into ring, disrupt bullfight at Plaza de Toros

A pair of shirtless animal-rights activists leaped into the ring Sunday to stop a bullfight at Plaza de Toros.

Mexico hailed for taking measures to protect 2 endangered species

UNESCO has recognized Mexico for its efforts protecting totoaba and the vaquita, two endangered species found only in the Gulf of California.

Pets need papers under proposed Mérida regulations

To eradicate the proliferation of stray dogs and cats, the municipality will propose a census to count pets in each household.

Loophole allows bloody lasso tournaments to continue

Activists last week presented a proposal to end a loophole that allows brutal rodeo-type tournaments in rural Yucatán, despite laws protecting animals. 

Spay Yucatán has a ‘one neighborhood at a time’ approach to...

An umbrella organization has emerged to respond "one neighborhood at a time" after the loss of a massive annual spay-and-neuter program.

Reward set for poachers who beheaded 2 jaguars

The Belize government has launched a reward of BZ$10,000 to anyone who provides information about a group of poachers who beheaded two endangered jaguars in a natural reserve area.

Amapolita clinic treats 200 cats and dogs

In one of the city's poorest neighborhoods, a spay-and-neuter clinic is treating 200 dogs and cats, fueled strictly from public donations. 

After 8 years, Dr. Jeff’s spay-neuter events canceled as state funding...

Two smaller-scale spay-and-neuter clinics are being held in place of a massive weeklong mobile pet hospital that would have treated thousands of animals.

Far too many strays, city official admits, as sterilization campaigns continue

No official figures exist on the number of stray dogs and cats roaming the city. But to the municipal deputy director of health, there are far too many. 

Spay-and-neuter clinics carry on despite funding challenges

Amigos de Rico, Planned Pethood Mexico and AFAD are conducting two consecutive spay and neuter clinics.

Coast Guard quits search for missing pilot in Gulf of Mexico

The small plane last spotted northwest of Cancun on Jan. 3 is likely thousands of feet below the Gulf of Mexico.

Circus owner sent to prison 2 years after animal rescue

The man whose circus drew negative attention three years ago for allegedly abusing animals has been sentenced to two years in prison.

The season poses heatstroke danger to pets

Many pet owners overlook the role high temperatures play in the health of their pets.

Staging dog fights becomes a felony in Mexico

Lawmakers have approved jail time and fines for organizing dog fights or even attending a fight as a spectator.

Progreso drops plan to kill stray dogs in rabies crackdown

Two weeks into a rabies scare, the City Council has backed down from a controversial method to contain the viral disease.

Rabies scare prompts desperate measures in Progreso

Stray cats and dogs will be euthanized if found roaming the streets of the port city of Progreso.