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Funds dry up at AFAD animal shelter, which could close by...

Lidia Saleh Angulo. Photo: Sipse Losing a favorite restaurant to the coronavirus crisis is one thing, but there's...

Tigrillo wanders away from the jungle and is killed at country...

A tigrillo was found dead outside the Yucatan Country Club, evidence that wildlife is exploring human spaces during the coronavirus contingencies....

Crocodiles emerge after storm Cristóbal in Yucatan

A crocodile was led to safety by a motorist after it was hit by another car in Yucatan. Photo: Facebook

4 family members held after found transporting endangered ocelot’s remains

The ocelot is often confused with a small jaguar. Photo: Shutterstock Santa Elena, Yucatan — Four members of a...

Pair of black swans seized at Merida airport

One of two black swans seized at the Merida international airport. Photo: National Guard Two cargo boxes, each...

Prowling black panther turns out to be a cute kitten in...

This image of a “panther” roaming northern Merida turned out to be a cute kitten. Photo: Facebook Stir-crazy...

Killing of a beloved wild toucan enrages neighborhood

A toucan like this one was killed by someone with a pellet gun in the Francisco de Montejo neighborhood. Photo: Cherie...

Yucatan Animal Network warns of increasing cat adoptions for macabre purposes

Photo: Getty The Yucatan Animal Network Facebook community, which is focused on pet rescues, is issuing a timely...

Merida street dog learns to be comfort animal in Colorado

How a maimed dog, abandoned in Merida, made it to the States with a new job.

Protesters target animal-hunt organizer in Yucatan

Animal-rights proponents are fighting a Facebook page that invites tourists to fish and hunt game in Yucatan.

Dog rescue begins in Chichen Itza archeological zone

Stray dogs roaming Chichen Itza will be cared for under a state-nonprofit initiative.

Exotic birds seized from market stall at Lucas de Galvez

Federal authorities seized several cages housing exotic birds for sale at the Lucas de Galvez market.

Proposal to reinstate circus animals in Mexico stirs up activists

Photo: Getty Merida, Yucatan — A rally is planned Sunday to protest a proposal to return animal acts to...

UNESCO moves to protect vaquita habitat in Gulf of California

A 2018 protest at the Mexican embassy in Washington, D.C., brings attention to the dwindling vaquita population. Photo: Getty

Carriage horse falls in busy hotel zone intersection

A horse fell to the pavement after apparently being clipped by a passing dump truck. Photo: Faceboook Merida,...

2 new animal hospitals by 2021, Merida mayor promises

In a move toward improved animal welfare, two new public veterinary hospitals were promised by 2021 by Mayor Renan Barrera Concha.

Vaquita’s allies will protest Mexican Embassy in D.C.

A demonstration in Washington is planned to defend the dwindling vaquita population in the Sea of Cortez.

U.S. court upholds ban meant to protect vaquita

Rebuffing a White House appeal, A U.S. federal judge upheld a ban on fish and shrimp caught with gillnets in the uppermost part of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

Street dog gored after tossed into ring with bull in southern...

A video of a street dog gored by a bull in a lasso tournament in Yucatan has caused outrage on social media.

Mexico takes steps to save last 10 vaquita porpoises

The federal government said it will use buoys to mark the protected home of the world's most endangered marine mammal.

Rare black jaguar seized at Merida airport

Federal authorities took possession of an endangered jaguar that was being illegally transported in the international airport.

More than 50,000 dogs and cats roam Yucatán: SSY

It is estimated that of the 28 million dogs in Mexico, only 30 percent have an owner. 

Bulls on view today as matadors prepare for new season

A controversial and bloody tradition returns to the Mérida Bullring when bullfighting season starts Sunday.

Crocodiles increasingly common in Progreso, Sisal and Celestún

Destruction of natural cienegas has pushed crocodiles into view along the Yucatecan coast.