Bla, Bla & Sushi in Merida was closed after several diners fell ill. Photo: Facebook

Merida, Yucatan — The state Ministry of Health closed Bla, Bla & Sushi after at least 48 diners fell ill after eating there. Several customers were hospitalized, according to a news service.

The north-side eatery, in the Victory Platz shopping center on Avenida Andrés García Lavín, is under investigation by Directorate Against Sanitary Risk, which suspects food contamination.

The shutdown is not technically a clausura, but rather a cierre preventivo while inspectors investigate the kitchen.

Diners reported vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, fainting, fever, body aches, and others symptoms. 

Complaints from customers were made public Tuesday and Wednesday on social networks, where the branch manager announced that the owner is looking into the matter.

Adverse reports about the restaurant were also deleted from the restaurant’s Facebook page, according to Tu Espacio.

Under state law, a restaurant owner can be fined and even face 36 hours in jail if found guilty of making customers sick.

Source: Reporteros Hoy


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