The Plaza Grande remains off limits to citizens as a health precaution early Monday morning. Photo: YEL

Coronavirus claimed the lives of 21 men and 10 women in the past 24 hours, Yucatan health officials announced Monday.

But recoveries outpaced new infections for the second day in a row. Another 179 coronavirus cases were detected while 202 patients were declared recovered. Of course, the true number of cases is certainly much higher than medical personnel can track.

Since the crisis came to Yucatan in March, 11,822 official cases led to 1,462 deaths from the virus.

Infections remain widespread. Of the latest cases, 107 were in Merida, 14 in Valladolid, 11 in Motul, six in Kanasín, five in Teabo and Tekax; four in Tecoh; two in Hocabá and Muna; two from outside the state or nation; and one case in Cacalchén, Chankom, Chapab, Chemax, Chumayel, Dzan, Espita, Kantunil, Mocochá, Muxupip, Oxkutzcab, Panabá, Río Lagartos, Suma, Ticul, Tixkokob, Tixpéhual, Tizimín, Tunkas, Tzucacab and Uayma.

The deceased ranged in age from 30 to 89, with some already suffering from hypertension, diabetes, obesity, liver disease, COPD, asthma and the effects of smoking.

Hospitalizations rose by three to reach 515.


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