Promoted Posts and Feature Spreads

A promoted post can be converted to a magazine-style spread.
A promoted post can be converted to a magazine-style spread.

You have a story to tell, and readers who are interested. Let us write about you and your business with a Promoted Post. Let’s show it off with a Feature Spread.

After establishing brand recognition and awareness with banner ads, the next step in marketing your business is an engaging and persuasive Promoted Post.
A Promoted Post …

    • is no different than an article you would read in a magazine, but this time it’s you or your business in the spotlight.
    • establishes your authority and builds trust by communicating a richer understanding of who you are and what you offer.
    • is successful when we work together to make your personal story and professional outlook entertaining and insightful.
Here's how a promoted post looks online. Click the image for the full presentation.
A Promoted Post for The Diplomat helped establish a new bed and breakfast in Merida.

Global advertisers have been working with major media outlets on projects like these for years. Now, hyper-local news sites like Yucatán Expat Life offer the same opportunities to businesses of all sizes.

Here’s a glimpse of how a promoted post looks online. We like to pair your photos with your personal quotes. Click the image for the full presentation.

How it works

After discussion about your goals, and the story you want to tell, we exchange questions and answers. We keep it light, suggesting questions about your background, your vision of the business, plans for the future and perhaps advice for expats.

Our editor, who has over 20 years’ experience working for major New York publishers such as Condé Nast and Hearst, will polish the story and return an 800- to 1,100-word draft for your approval. We agree on a publication date, and publish it. Then, it remains on our home page for a week. It will remain online indefinitely, something you can link to from your own website or social media account.

The story is typically 800 to 1,100 words long. You can supply any photos you’d like to include, or we will assign a photographer for an additional fee.

A Promoted Post can be converted to a Magazine-Style Feature Spread. Click to download a readable PDF.[/caption]

After that

We can do more. Another service we provide is to design your Promoted Post as a Magazine-Style Feature Spread. Designed on two letter-sized PDF files, your layout is suitable for flyers or posters.

Your magazine-style feature layout can be printed out as a letter-size flyer, or enlarged into a wall poster


A Promoted Post is a one-time fee of $7,000 MXN. It remains on our front page for one week, and stays online indefinitely for you to link to from your own website or social media page. You pay just once to have the story hosted indefinitely.

A  2-page Magazine-Style Feature Spread based on your post is $6,500 MXN. We take your story and photos and fit them on two pages, delivered by PDF for you to print, hang as a poster. A larger spread to fit more text or photos can be designed for an additional fee of $2,500 per page.

Talk to us about the possibilities.

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