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Our readers love Mérida and the Yucatán Peninsula.

Our readers are in Yucatán, or want to invest here. Reach them on YEL, a fast-growing news and information source with the largest social media reach among English-language readers in Yucatán.

Banner Ads

Three advertisers rotate in each website position. We also have a weekly newsletter, where the space is solely yours for the whole year. Space is limited, but when available here are our advertising positions:

1. Insert a wide banner in no fewer than three positions in the middle of the home page at the bottom of each article. (664 pixels by 80 tall, 24,750 pesos/year)

2. Be on the top of the sidebar with a roughly square ad on the home page and every news article. (300 pixels wide by 250 tall, 24,750 pesos/year). The tower advertisement appears in the middle of the sidebar and is much taller, is (300 wide by 450 pixels tall, 36,000 pesos/year).

3. Our Monday-morning email newsletter goes to 3,000 readers who signed up for it. They are our most hard-core readers. Only two ad position, and they don’t rotate with other advertisers. (664 pixels by 80 tall. The space is exclusively yours or 24,750 pesos/year).


The most attention-getting campaign available, 1,900 pesos a week for a 900 x 500 pixel display ad that “pops” up on the screen for visitors. The ad links to your website.

Selling a property? We can help


Each Yucatán Expat Life Property Listing get its own unique web page (view example) with:

  • Minimum 200 words of sales copy.
  • Five photos and a link back to your web page.
  • New: Interactive Google map to show your property’s location
  • The listing is also promoted in the main directory, which shows the main photo, headline and introductory text.
  • The story is listed in Google’s News directory.

Cost per listing: 10,000 pesos for three months.

Talk to us about the possibilities.


  • Payable via cash, PayPal, wire transfer and cash in pesos only. Facturas available on request. IVA (16 percent) which will be added to each invoice. Once we receive your payment, we will start work promoting your brand. 
  • Fees starting at 2,100 pesos may be applied for design work.
  • Terms, prices and policies subject to change.
  • We reserve the right to reject any advertisement that fails to comply with our content standards.