PRI Sen. Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín said that the concept of running the Mayan Train underground in Merida is “fanciful.”

The idea, floated Friday by Fonatur Director Rogelio Jiménez Pons, took many people by surprise, including politicians close to the issue.

The legislator, who represents Yucatan in the upper chamber of the Mexican Congress, said that the original plan did not anticipate the possibility “of a subway in Mérida, unless they have reserved it to announce it now.”

“We really don’t know what they are thinking with these things,” he said.

According to the director of Fonatur, the underground section would be four kilometers that would start in the periférico east of La Plancha, a huge parcel of land that was set aside as a park under a state-approved master plan.

“Sounds, to say the least, fanciful,” said the former secretary of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development.

The 58-year-old legislator also offered praise, congratulating the president on pushing through Yucatan’s fourth thermoelectric plant, which was inaugurated Friday by President López Obrador himself.

“It will be our fourth power plant; it will allow us to work properly when we have natural gas and thus have more economical energy,” he added.

He also referred to the international emergency declared by the Chinese coronavirus and concluded that “we are not prepared, little is known about the strain and how it develops.”

“It should not take us off guard, the coronavirus is a real threat,” he said.

Ramírez Marín said he recently arrived on an international flight and saw no sanitary provisions at the airport.

Text and photo: Agencies


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