Starting Saturday, taxis and Ubers will be allowed to carry two passengers. Coronavirus contingencies have limited them to one passenger only, barring a medical reason.

Aref Karam Espósito, director of the Institute of Mobility and Urban Territorial Development, said the new provision was determined after considering the mobility needs of disabled passengers.

This measure will also be helpful to passengers who arrive at bus or airport terminals and need to share a vehicle.

The provisions are contingent of the following requirements:

  • The mandatory use of mouthguards for both the operator and users.
  • The air conditioning system cannot be used and the vehicle windows must remain open to allow air circulation and reduce the possibility of contagion indoors.
  • The passenger seat must remain empty to isolate the driver and inhibit the possibility of infection.
  • This new transport provision is exclusively for taxis and digital platform transport services and does not include private vehicles, which cannot have passengers.

Source: Sipse


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