A nursing home in Merida is finding itself “drowning” in electric bills. Photo: Facebook

A Cholul nursing home has been hit with a 30,000-peso electric bill and is asking for the public’s help to pay it.

Hogar de Anciano Betania MID’s operators said the CFE bill is “drowning” them.

Workers there have neither entered or left the campus since the coronavirus contingency began. The measure was for everyone’s safety, but apparently created a larger demand for electricity.

The 19-year-old nonprofit agency doesn’t claim CFE overcharged them, but they are assessed under the higher commercial rate. CFE, the federal electricity utility, has no special rate for charitable nonprofit clients.

Not only do they hope for donations, but Betania also is hoping for help obtaining solar panels to offset future power bills.

An investment of around 450 thousand pesos is needed to carry out the solar panel project, operators said.

Call the nursing home at 999-921-5228 or see their Facebook page for more information.


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