Shoppers can buy liquor without a deliveryperson intervening now that Yucatan let its dry laws expire. Photo: Punto Medio

Supermarkets, warehouse clubs and convenience stores can go back to selling booze directly to customers.

The restrictions on alcohol sales in Yucatan, meant to prevent crowded shops, ended Monday without being extended by lawmakers. Some form of dry law has been in force since April 10, a mandate meant to bring calm to a state under coronavirus contingencies. An absolute ban on alcohol sales ended June 1 when home deliveries were allowed, but with strict limits on quantities. Customers could not purchase beer, wine or liquor without a delivery person intervening.

The return of normal alcohol sales comes as new coronavirus infections have risen to triple digits every day. While daily deaths have ranged between six and 12 since mid-month, hospitalizations have soared. That has caused worry that Yucatan would return to the “red light” alert that locks down practically the entire economy.

In previous statements regarding the dry law, authorities reported that reports of domestic violence and traffic accidents had dropped while parties have declined. But the ban also created a demand for bootleg adulterated alcohol that was connected to more than 15 deaths in Yucatan.


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