Coloring book is a walk on Mexico’s gentle side

This view of Calle 59 in Mérida, with the towers of the Rectoría El Jesús (Tercera Orden) in the distance was the model for a page in a new adult coloring book honoring Mexico. Photo: Wandertooth blog
A page from a new adult coloring book depics Calle 59 in Mérida, with the towers of the Rectoría El Jesús (Tercera Orden) in the distance. Photo: Wandertooth blog

A husband-and-wife team from Canada knows how colorful Mexico is. But they invite you to choose your own hues.

Katie and Geoff Matthews, the pair behind the travel blog Wandertooth, have partnered with another Canadian travel duo and an illustrator to publish an adult coloring book depicting the vibrant streets and landscapes of Mexico.

Placid scenes throughout the new book capture Mexico’s diverse flavors, and Mérida joins other iconic cities such as San Miguel de Allende, Oaxaca and, of course, Mexico City.

Katie told CTV that part of their aim with “Travel Between the Lines: Coloring Mexico” is to counter the perception that the whole country is a dangerous place.

“To be honest, I have more anxiety about traveling through some places in the United States than I do with Mexico,” said Katie, who has traveled to more than 50 countries with her husband.

Their first entrepreneurial venture since hitting the road permanently, they are now selling the adult coloring book online for $10.99USD and Katie said at least one bookstore in Calgary, Alberta is stocking the book.

On trend

The elegant line drawings are printed single-sided on 60-pound white paper, the standard for adult coloring books, the biggest publishing trend of 2015. Nine of 20 books on Amazon’s recent bestseller are adult coloring books, a category that didn’t exist two years ago.

The couple hopes to build a Lonely Planet-type collection of adult travel coloring books.

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